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10 Hardest Sports and Why

A debate has long been raging. What is the most difficult sport to play? Some argue that this is football because of all the physical contact while others argue that it is soccer because of the athletic qualities necessary to play such as endurance and skills techniques. It is in this perspective that each sport is analyzed in a scientific way. Sports are evaluated according to six criteria of 10 points each, namely endurance, speed, strength, agility, necessary skills and physical appearance (in other words, physical contact) for a total of 60 points.

10. Gaelic Football:
 Taking the tenth place in the top 10, tied with tennis and soccer in terms of points, we find Gaelic football. This strictly amateur sport is a mix between soccer and rugby. Players can pass the ball between them by hitting with their hands or feet on a rectangular field even larger than a soccer field, players must attempt to score a goal for 3 points or sent the ball between the posts, as in football, for 1 point. This 70-minute sport gives little relief to the player who multiplies his shoulders in order to lose the ball to the opponent or push him out of bounds; all without protective equipment.

Stamina: 7 / Speed: 6 / Strength: 6 / Agility: 3 / Skill: 4 / Physical appearance: 6 / Total: 32 points

9. Gymnastics: Some might be surprised to see gymnastics ranked in the top 10, but when we analyze this sport more deeply, we understand why this sport manages to break through the top 10. We could even be surprised that the Gymnastics is not even better ranked. It is true that there is no physical contact or a huge demand in endurance, the fact remains that parallel bars, rings, ground routines, uneven bars and all other devices require a lot of strength, skills and agility, a level that few other sports require. On the other hand, due to the individual nature of the sport, gymnastics loses points in gymnastics.

Stamina: 2 / Speed: 3 / Strength: 9 / Agility: 10 / Skill: 9 / Physical appearance: 0 / Total: 33 points

8. Basketball: This is another sport that will surprise many. Indeed, without this ranking by criteria, many would not pay attention to this sport. Basketball is a sport that requires a lot of endurance and speed to run back and forth in the field. In addition, running at the same time as dribbling the ball requires a fairly high agility. Finally succeed in scoring a basket requires a very precise shot. To succeed in doing this regularly requires a good level of skills as well as being able to block. Are all, despite the fact that basketball is a sport said to be contactless, it is nonetheless a sport that requires many strengths and that makes it one of the best hardest sports to play.

Stamina: 6 / Speed: 7 / Strength: 6 / Agility: 6 / Skill: 7 / Physical appearance: 3 / Total: 35 points

7. Hurling: You read well, hurling and not curling. Hurling is a completely amateurish Gaelic sport that is particularly similar to Gaelic football. The difference: instead of being a ball that is passed through the hands or feet, it is a ball the size of a baseball that is spent using of a special stick. The goal of the game is to hit the ball with the stick and pass it between the posts (for 1 point) or put in the goal (for 3 points). This sport is harder than Gaelic football because of the difference in speed at which the ball travels and the difficulty of catching this kind of ball at full speed with bare hands.

Stamina: 7 / Speed: 6 / Strength: 6 / Agility: 4 / Skill: 6 / Physical appearance: 7 / Total: 36

6. American Football: Ranking just outside the top 5, would be for some it would be number 1 because of the physical aspect of the game. We cannot remove the football force necessary and all the physical aspect in this sport in fact, these two categories are in the highest of all sports. What hurts this sport is the difference between each position. As pass receivers must be fast and mobile, this prerequisite is not necessary for line players who are more likely to be powerful. Nevertheless, a good number of positions require speed and agility which gives it a respectable result in terms of these two criteria. The real killer is stamina. Regardless of the position, football is not an endurance sport, playing a game to the maximum of its capacity then thirty seconds of pause between two games. On the other hand, if the football was played at the same speed as a team that pulls back by two possessions with five minutes to play in the fourth quarter, football would have more points for endurance.

Stamina: 3 / Speed: 7 / Strength: 9 / Agility: 5 / Skill: 4 / Physical appearance: 10 / Total: 38 points

5. Ice Hockey: Beating the top 5, the national sport of Canadians, hockey. Hockey is clearly one of the most comprehensive sports that are possible to play in this world. This sport combines speed, agility, strength and endurance. One cannot doubt the strength and physical aspect when thinking of hockey (and without even referring to the fight). Just on YouTube there are tons of videos showing the biggest contacts of this sport. Today, at the speed that the game goes, players must be extremely fast on both skates and in their decisions. Playing at such a high intensity for a full 60-minute match requires a tremendous amount of energy, even if the best players do not play much more than 20 minutes per game.

Stamina: 5 / Speed: 7 / Strength: 6 / Agility: 6 / Skill: 8 / Physical appearance: 7 / Total: 39 points

4. Rugby: Here is a sport that can compete with football at the physical level. First, imagine playing a football match without any protection; no helmet, no protection on the legs, nothing! Secondly, you cannot go forward to rugby, only back passes, which means you have to cross the entire defense and not pass over with passes. . It’s a bit like you can only play football ground games. Finally, the game does not stop at the moment of contact. Indeed, the game continues while both teams attempt to recover the ball and this for 80 minutes of play without substitution. Even the kicker plays throughout the game and participates in the actions.

Stamina: 7 / Speed: 6 / Strength: 8 / Agility: 4 / Skill: 5 / Physical appearance: 10 / Total: 40 points

3. Boxing: Tied to the point with rugby, boxing takes the third step of the podium of this ranking. Going into a boxing ring to expand your opponent while he tries to do the same requires a lot of courage and that is what makes the tiebreaker returns to boxing. To be world boxing champion, you do not just need a lot of power but also a lot of speed and agility to hit and avoid the opponent’s shots. Endurance is also put to the test during combat, a particularly difficult fight especially when one goes to the 11th or 12th round.

Stamina: 6 / Speed: 7 / Strength: 8 / Agility: 5 / Skill: 4 / Physical appearance: 10 / Total: 40 points

2. Australian Football: Here is a rather unknown sport here (a bit like hurling and Gaelic football) which is on the second step of the podium. At first glance, the game takes place on a huge oval surface of almost 200 meters by 150 meters. Players play in a very physical game without any protection where we have the impression that there is no rule except Marks. Players must pass the ball by kicking or punching the ball and attempting to pass the ball through the four opposing posts at the end of the court. If the ball crosses between the two poles of the center, it is worth 6 points whereas if it passes between the poles of the left or right side it is worth only one point. This sport is played with very few substitutes which increases the need for endurance.

Stamina: 8 / Speed: 6 / Strength: 7 / Agility: 5 / Skill: 6 / Physical appearance: 9 / Total: 41 points

1. Water polo: Ranking first, this sport is often forgotten in discussions on the most difficult sport, either because of ignorance of its existence or ignorance of the sport as such. Water polo is a bit like handball … but in the water. This sport is extremely physical, physical game played largely below the surface of the water (a little out of sight of referees). We find under the surface a lot of grip and blow of any kind that make a game with a lot of physical contact. Moreover, this sport is always played in deep water. In other words, players never touch the bottom of the pool and must constantly be moving to stay on the surface. In addition to having to stay on the surface (which requires energy), players must constantly fight for their position in the water in addition to being hit.

Stamina: 9 / Speed: 7 / Strength: 7 / Agility: 7 / Skill: 6 / Physical appearance: 8 / Total: 44 points

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