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10 nutritionist’s tips for not gaining weight during confinement

Telework, confinement with or without children, lack of physical activity, stress… Many people wonder how they will be able to avoid gaining weight during this confinement period. Our nutritionist gives us his advice and tips to limit weight gain and stay healthy over the next few days, despite the situation.

The bad habits that we risk taking in telework

Being at home, with the surrounding stress and the boredom that can point the tip of your nose, there is a risk of snacking throughout the day. Closets on hand and under the eyes can increase cravings , and therefore the amount of food consumed. The risk is also to no longer make real balanced meals, but only small nibbles, on the go, continuously, from morning to evening. It is a vicious circle, because it can lead to weight gain , but also digestive inconvenience, because we no longer eat properly and the body is disturbed.

One can also tend to put sport aside, by losing one’s routine and habits. The gym is closed, we find ourselves lost, and we put sport in the background. When in reality, thanks to the free apps for doing sports at home in particular, there is no excuse to stop practicing regular physical activity . It is even necessary to stay in shape, not gain weight , and keep your spirits up .

You have children at home, and / or are not used to cooking… How to do it?

It’s time to take the time to cook

Telecommuting , confinement , also says saving time during the day, thanks to fewer trips and commuting… What if we took the opportunity to take the time to cook balanced meals for the whole family or just for ourselves? And why should children eat differently if their age allows it? This is perhaps the right time to implement good habits side power . And when you have time, you take more pleasure in cooking: it’s totally different than having to cook in a hurry, tired after a long day of running around. For those who are not used to cooking, it’s time to get started and trysimple recipes to get started before trying new things.

Healthy and balanced meals for the whole family

The master word ? Balanced and varied diet. We try to provide for each meal vegetables , complete or semi-complete starchy foods , a source of animal or vegetable protein of choice (meat, fish, egg, tofu, tempeh , seitan) and a source of vegetable fat ( olive oil). (olive , sunflower, rapeseed, hazelnut, walnut …). Note however that tofu and tempeh are soy-based, and are therefore not recommended for the little ones.

We bet on spices

Lower morale linked to the current situation? No question of depressing during meals! We prepare tasty dishes, and we don’t forget to add all the spices that will enhance the flavors: coriander, parsley, garlic, onions, paprika … As a bonus, we enjoy the many health benefits of spices .

A moment of family sharing

Meals at home, numerous during periods of confinement, are also a time for sharing. This is an opportunity, for example, to involve children in the preparation of a good cake, which they can enjoy with pleasure at the time of tasting.
Also, remember that candy is just as bad for your kids as it is for you, so there’s no reason they should hang out at home. Remember to put them aside if there are some at your place …

Snacks, stress, boredom: we avoid taking refuge in food

Put yourself in good moods

As a first step, staying positive and taking care (outside of teleworking) will significantly reduce the risk of snacking. Also remember to be in a clean, tidy environment, to dress every day rather than staying in pajamas or jogging: it is essential to keep morale high!

Take care, to reduce snacking

Not only is it important to think about playing sports at home regularly, but you must also find activities that make you feel good, that make you happy, away from all the anxiety-provoking information that circulates and generates stress. . A good book, online training, listening to podcasts , DIY, tidying up, yoga sessions , meditation, DIY, painting, sorting in closets … Stay in touch with your family, your friends, and share positive messages as soon as possible.

Make sure to run “smart” races to avoid temptations

The timing of the races is crucial to avoid gaining weight . Stay alert, the goal is to fill your cupboards with raw and healthy products to the maximum, carefully avoiding industrial and processed products. Eating good foods that will keep you healthy is more important than ever!

Split your food

The ideal, when you are at home, is to split your food as much as possible, by making three meals and two snacks . Snacks, when calculated by a dietician, are not an addition of calories , but simply a better splitting. Instead of dividing for example 1800 calories into three meals a day, we will divide them into 5 meals. This will avoid being tempted to take a walk in the kitchen between meals…

Healthy snack ideas

To avoid throwing themselves on the packages of children’s cakes, we anticipate snacks, by providing a healthy snack that makes us happy.

  • A banana with peanut puree
  • A fruit compote with no added sugar and almonds
  • A natural vegetable yogurt with frozen red fruits and a square of dark chocolate
  • A mini wholemeal sandwich, cheese and raw vegetables
  • A fromage blanc with an apple cut in it and a few hazelnuts…

Balanced diet and physical activity

And of course, eating a balanced diet does not dispense with daily physical activity. Even at home, it is possible to move. Of cardio exercises like squats are possible everywhere, the sheathing on a treadmill will help you maintain your figure and seek all the muscle chains. Like carefully prepared meals, confinement may also be an opportunity to do more sports than usual, when you did not have time with commuting, children to pick up at home. school or nursery, etc. So, we maintain a balanced diet AND a sporting activity, while keeping an eye on the children, if you have them at home!

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