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3 easy exercises to sculpt your inner thighs

Do you want to firm the inside of your thighs? It is possible, with exercises specially designed for the adductors! Our sports coach Julie Ferrez, gives her advice.

Lunges, squats … You master the exercises to strengthen the thighs with your fingertips . Result? You have succeeded in sculpting this part of your body, but you are still struggling to strengthen a specific area: the adductors. This is normal, because fat tends to accumulate on the inside of the thighs.

Adductors: how to easily muscle the inside of your thighs?

To sculpt this area, you don’t need to aim for the ” thigh gap “, which is none other than the expression used to designate the space between the thighs when you stand with your legs together. If this physical peculiarity has become a real goal for some because of social networks, it depends above all on the morphology of each. However, it is possible to strengthen this area by performing more targeted exercises, which can be integrated into a more complete muscle building session .

How to effectively work the inside of your thighs? Our sports coach Julie Ferrez offers you 3 easy and original exercises to achieve this. To have tapered legs , she recommends doing them three times a week. And good news: you don’t need any material, a simple mat is all it takes. A good reason to get started right away!

Refine your thighs: 3 exercises to sculpt your adductors

  • Exercise 1

Position yourself upright with your legs apart and your toes facing outward. Descend as if you were performing a large plié, but lift off one heel, then return to the starting position. Then do the same with the other heel and do 10 to 20 repetitions in total. Raising the heel allows you to contract the adductors and therefore work the inside of the thighs.

  • Exercise 2

Sit down and stretch your legs out in front of you. Make sure your toes are facing out and your back straight. Then take off one leg, open it to the side and then bring it over the other leg. Then perform this “scissor” movement with the other leg, so as to do 10 to 20 repetitions in total.

  • Exercise 3

Lie on your back and place your arms flat on the floor. Keep one leg bent and extend the other, keeping the toe facing outward. Raise the straight leg, make a circle and return to the starting position. The goal is to make 10 circles with each leg. Do you lack flexibility? Do not panic ! You can slightly bend the leg doing the circle.

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