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3 reasons why you should start boxing as a runner

It’s March 2008. “Now I’ve run for 15 minutes… I can’t go on and my legs hurt. I turn around in frustration, and when I get home I sit down on the balcony and light a cigarette. “

This is completely stupid, I know! But this is what my first attempts as a “runner” looked like.

However, I can also be very ambitious. That’s why I kept running and “punched myself through”. In the summer of 2008 I stopped smoking completely, finished an Ironman two years later and then started boxing. Actually, I didn’t want to go into the ring and fight. But then things turned out very differently than expected: In 2013 I became Quizbox World Champion and in 2016 WBU SemiPro Boxing World Champion. At that time I even got the offer to become a professional boxer. But at the age of 36, starting professional boxing was simply too late for me. I had also already started my own business as a self-management and fitness trainer. But I stayed true to the sport, completed my training as a “boxing trainer” and now offer boxing events for companies and my fitness boxing online training.

And that’s what this article is about. I would like to introduce you to fitness boxing and give you three reasons why, as a runner, you should start fitness boxing today.

Fitness boxing – working out without blue eyes

Fitness boxing offers all of the benefits of boxing training without the risks of fighting a real opponent. The motto is: Have a hard workout without blue eyes. It’s about

  • Stress relief
  • Fat burning
  • Building “lean” muscles and
  • defining the body.

Fitness boxing is a full body workout. If your muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, and back are well trained, you will be able to perform hard hits. Powerful, fast legs ensure mobility and light-footedness. And good coordination results in optimal cooperation between the upper and lower body.

Fitness boxing is suitable for men and women as well as for every fitness level. Beginners as well as advanced learners get their money’s worth. Because with fitness boxing it is literally in your own hands how “strenuous” and “intense” the training should be.

Now you know what fitness boxing is in general. Next, I would like to introduce you to how you as a runner can benefit from fitness boxing in particular.

Reason 1: New training stimuli

So that you can have fun running for as long as possible, it is important to make the training varied and variable. You can control this via intensity and frequency as well as the length of the route. Or you give your body a new challenge and confront it with a completely different training stimulus than in the previous training units.

The intensity or the load of the athletic training is referred to as a training stimulus. It sets the supercompensation in motion because the training stimulus is followed by recovery and the recovery phase. In the recovery phase, the body improves, adapts to the training stimulus or even improves beyond the initial level.

In this context, this quote from Paracelsus fits perfectly: “The dose makes the poison.” If the training stimulus is too high, it can lead to excessive demands and, in the worst case, injuries. If the training stimulus is too low, it has the opposite effect: underload. It has a stimulating effect and is sufficient to maintain your current performance.

But is it really necessary to set a training stimulus for every training session? Well, that largely depends on your training goal. If the goal is to increase performance or if you are training for a competition, training stimuli are indispensable. If you consider training more of a hobby or pastime, as a remedy for boredom or to keep in shape, you don’t have to set a new training stimulus every time you workout.

Whatever your training goal is now; In fitness boxing, you not only train endurance, but above all strength, which in turn helps you run to protect yourself from injuries. Above all, it strengthens your core muscles. More on this under reason no. 2.

Reason 2: Year-round “torso stabilization” exercises

You have probably heard of “torso stabilizer” before. And maybe you’ve read that you should actually incorporate it into your training on a regular basis. But let’s be honest: How often do you do “torso stabilization”? So I know very few who really do that.

“Trunk stabilizer” is an abbreviation for training the trunk muscles. The core muscles include the abdominal muscles, the muscles of the lower back, and the muscles of the hips. A strong trunk leads to an upright posture. This way you stay stable in the upper body while running and neither bend forward nor to the side. All in all, strong core muscles ensure that you run more efficiently, easily and smoothly when you run.

Well, you are welcome to torment yourself with “trunk stabilization” – or you can combine core stabilization with fun. And you can be sure of that with fitness boxing. Because with fitness boxing you train like a real boxer without competing. Look at the boxers. Most of them have a very well-trained torso. This is because with every hit, the body becomes tense and the torso rotates. So while you hit the claws (punch pads) or during fitness boxing online training in the air, you automatically train your core. At the end of the training there is a special training of the core muscles. After all, it is not only in boxing that “the trunk is the trump card”.

Reason 3: Alternative training in winter

In addition to setting new training stimuli and effective training of the core muscles, there is another reason that speaks in favor of fitness boxing. And that is the training in winter.

Yes I know. Running is possible all year round; Put on your running shoes and off you go. Theoretically! In practice it often looks very different. In autumn and winter, many runners are simply stronger. Winter weather conditions make it even more difficult for runners. It gets dark earlier and the walkways may be slippery and slippery. That is why there are quite a few runners who completely forego running in autumn and winter. With the consequence of having to start almost from scratch again next spring. But fitness boxing in winter is also a good alternative for those who work all year round.

With fitness boxing, you usually train in the hall or, due to corona, at home in your own four walls. It is light, warm and dry there. And as I said, there should be an alternative. You don’t have to give up running completely. In autumn and winter, you are welcome to work on your basic endurance through slow runs and at the same time do two to three units of fitness boxing. So you can set new training stimuli and train your core muscles. You will also improve your mileage over the winter and be optimally prepared for the coming year.


Fitness boxing is classic boxing training without full contact. The motto is: work out without blue eyes, reduce stress and get fit. Do runners have a good alternative for the autumn and winter months with the fitness boxing, to set new training stimuli and to strengthen the core muscles.

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