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30 good reflexes to protect his back

If we believe the anatomy of our distant ancestors, back pain affects humans for millennia! However, we can often avoid low back pain or prevent relapse. Prevention is above all good habits to adopt.

Back pain is not inevitable as long as you learn to preserve yourself. Adaptation of the postures, soft bodybuilding, stretching and mental work are the keys to reconnect gently with his column, from lumbar to cervical *.

1. I change my position often. It may be THE secret to avoid common low back pain  : do not stay static. After sitting for an hour or two, take a few steps, stretch, change your support, in short: move! And if you are stuck in a meeting or at a show, stir more discreetly, passing the weight of the body from one buttock to another, for example.

2. I keep moving, even when I’m in pain. For a long time, people with back pain tended to stay static for fear of triggering pain. In fact, “the maintenance of activities is essential to avoid the transition to chronicity” according to the Health Insurance. In other words, in case of common acute low back pain, consult your GP and try to keep moving gently, without forcing on the painful joints. Do not hesitate to contact a physiotherapist or a coach, who will show you how to adapt your movements. You will avoid any stiffening that will not help.

3. I am learning to do myself good. And in this sense, read this article is an excellent first step … It remains to be a “routine” made of self-massage, stretching, soft sports activities to practice regularly, even when everything is fine. In short, take charge, literally and figuratively!

4. I consider that sitting is not incidental. “The seat is the most critical position, because it is often the one that is kept longer , explains the osteopath Jacques-Alain Lachant. The supports must be done on both ischia (lower bones of the pelvis), which gives verticality and lightness to the posture. The feet are on the ground, well present, one more forward than the other. One can even put one forward on a small hold to solicit abdo-perineal tone. “

5. I test the hot … or the cold. If the pain is on your nose, do not sit idly by. One can opt, for the choice, for a hot-water bottle, a warm cloth or a shower on the zone concerned. Or prefer, on the contrary, a compress of ice cubes or ice buns (enclosed in a cloth). The warm muscle relaxes, while the cold is to favor if the damage is due to inflammation.

6. I learn to bend without flinching. To pick up a pen on the floor (or any other light object), the pendulum technique is adopted. If the right leg is in front, I bend my right arm and lift the left leg slightly to balance the movement. Thus, the effort is focused on the abdomen.

7. I remain dynamic even in static. “To avoid a low back pain” trampling “, we must take the habit of shifting a foot back, adopting the position that can be on a bus to avoid losing balance , advises Jacques-Alain Lachant. We put the body in microtorsion, which allows to distribute the supports harmoniously. “

8. I stretch myself like a cat. Sitting on the edge of a chair with arms outstretched and hands on knees, body weight forward. Like a cat, I round up my back by pushing him backwards.

9. I adopt the right posture to sleep on my stomach. When you have back pain, sleeping on your stomach can increase tension, unless you avoid the arching. Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet explains how to go about it: “We can be three quarters belly, one hip very bent, knee very back to the shoulder, the other leg lying, the head on one side. “ Do not panic, however if you wake up on the belly folded without the leg: no position is dangerous to the skeleton.

10. I start yoga. This discipline stretches and relaxes the spine and makes the lumbar work. It also improves back function through postures and breathing. Science has also shown that it helps to better manage pain if it occurs. And in addition, this practice provides a global well-being. Good arguments to test it, right?

11. I wear close to home. As for bending, we shift both legs: one in front, the other back, which avoids soliciting the back muscles. The object or child being lifted should be held as close to the body as possible to avoid excessive tension on the arms and back.

12. I warm my body by brushing my teeth. During the brushing, I climb on the toes to stay in extension a few seconds before resting the heels and start over. A simple exercise that allows you to work the balance and also to strengthen the calves, glutes …, which support the back.

13. I offer support. “If you already have problems with your back to walk, you can consider with your doctor to opt for a small elastic and elastic lumbar support belt placed just above the pubis,” says Jacques-Alain Lachant. This accessory corrects the posture and relaxes the lumbar region.

14. I start the body scan. This relaxation technique allows to relax one by one the tensions of the body. For this, just lie on your back (on a carpet or in bed, if a pain woke you up), eyes closed. Then we begin to “scan” his body part by part: we first focus on the right foot, then the ankle, calf, knee, thigh, hip … Once we have finished go up along the leg, we visualize its size, the right side, then the right arm, starting from the shoulder and down to the fingertips. Quietly, we repeat the exercise on the left side before ending with the back (always from the bottom up), the front of the body and the head. Each time, we observe the sensations (or lack of sensations) in the area concerned. If you feel a tension, mentally expels into the painful area. Relaxation guaranteed.

15. I stop bowing down. No more stretched legs, round back and arms down. In the garden, one works in support on a foot and a knee, like a knight being dubbed. You can keep your back straight in the movement. If necessary, do not hesitate to take a short break on all fours.

16. I choose the (good) side. For some, the flank is the best place to sleep. To find maximum comfort, one knee is bent up to the bust, while the other leg is stretched without tension. “Thus, the spine and the sacrum remain aligned and we avoid the arch,” says Dr. de Gasquet.

17. I manage my fear of suffering. Several studies have shown that by grasping the pain one can end up feeling it. Conversely, one can use his brain to evacuate this stress. The idea is to focus on … everything else! If a good movie or a sport session is not enough, we can try the experience with sophrology, haptonomy or hypnosis. Guided by good practitioners, these techniques have proven themselves.

18. I opt for Pilates. Like yoga, Pilates (named after its inventor) works on the deep muscles and helps strengthen the abdominal strap and all of the back muscles, which improves overall support.

19. I am learning to walk again. “In the march, it is the back foot that must give the impetus , explains Jacques-Alain Lachant. The abdomino-perineal tone is used to give presence, flexibility and elasticity to walking. The arms are relaxed, the hands guide the movement, which protects the lumbar. The look is mobile and especially not directed to the ground. With this light walk, heels, shakes and micro-traumas are over. “

20. I avoid analgesics. They are no use in prevention and it is better to zap them in case of mild pain, because they hide the problem (which could worsen) without resolving it. However, think about adapting your movements.

21. I capitalize on tai chi. Slow, precise, elegant movements: this Chinese martial art has been advised by the American College of Physicians for people suffering from chronic back pain. In the softness and a certain form of meditative concentration, one stretches, one pushes back, one tends while working its flexibility and flexibility.

22. I bet on technology. Activ’dos has been designed by health experts. On the program of this mobile application: quizzes, tests to self-evaluate, videos to learn the right postures and especially sixty exercises of bodybuilding, stretching and relaxation to practice at home. Available for free on Smartphone.

23. I remain vigilant. Never had a back problem before age 55 and I feel pain rising? Better to go see his GP. This alert may not be one, but it may also hide something other than common low back pain. Suffering may be related to simple bone calcification, but also to a vertebral fracture or cancer. In short, we must not neglect this kind of “red flag”.

24. I try Gyrokinesis. This discipline has not yet been scientifically tested, but its followers extol the merits. On the program, a series of circular and undulating movements that one realizes in fluidity, on a bench, on the ground and standing. One comes out re-energized, strengthened and more aware of his body. Only problem: it remains difficult to find a really well trained teacher. If the effects are not immediate, go your way.

25. I avoid traps galore. No, physiological saline injections (at high prices in some clinics) do not relieve low back pain. As for the t-shirts “smart and anti-back pain”, no one has ever proven effective. The only remedy that works, in prevention as in treatment, is a gentle and regular physical activity.

26. I put my feet on the chair. This position can avoid “blocking the next day”, after having solicited a lot of back (during a gardening session, for example). You just have to lie down on your back, close to a chair. We will then form a “Z” with his body. The legs are placed on the seat until the knee joint, the thighs down to the ground so that the buttocks slip slightly under the chair to avoid arching. A small pillow can be slipped under the bump of the skull. “It remains to focus on his breathing and his feelings of relaxation. In ten minutes, it erases all tensions, “ says Dr. Gasquet.

27. I muscle my perineum. “This muscular assembly that closes the lower pelvis has to go hand in hand with the abdominals. Otherwise, we risk including a descent of organs , warns Bernadette de Gasquet. Whenever the abdominals (which are connected to the spine) come into play, the perineum must have been put into action. It is he who starts the movement up! To contract it, you have to pretend that you have a need to urinate (sitting, you feel better what is happening). We release the contraction when we inhale to resume the expiration. The exercise goes completely unnoticed and he muscle back and abs. “

28. I grow my vacuum cleaner. To stop breaking his back on it, I adjust the height of the handle to reach my height. Right-handed, I place on the handle the right hand above the left. Then, I position myself in the same way as if I was going to make lunges: the leg forward slightly bent, that back taut. “We transfer the weight of the body from the back to the front keeping the back straight , says Bernadette Gasquet. Toning thighs and muscles in the wake … »

29. I fight the risk factors. Age and heredity can promote low back pain, but that’s impossible to escape. On the other hand, we can avoid adding other harmful elements: cholesterol (fleeing bad fats), diabetes (avoid excess sugar) and tobacco. One more reason to make good resolutions, right?

30. I am sending in the air. In flying yoga, we slip into a hammock suspended above the ground. Then we go for a series of postures where we wrap the fabric around the legs, we pivot, we lift ourselves to the strength of the arms and where we find ourselves upside down, firmly held by the canvas … At the end of sitting, relaxation in suspension, in the hammock closed in chrysalis. Relaxation of the back and decompression of the vertebral column assured. In case of hypertension or neck problem, it is better to avoid. Otherwise, it’s the seventh heaven!

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