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4 ultra-effective exercises to do on a treadmill

Who said that the treadmill was only used for weekly jogging ? Think again, this well known gym machine is very useful because it allows you to perform several activities. The goal: to work your muscles , endurance , but also burn fat . Here are the exercises to do on a treadmill, suitable for both beginners and confirmed.

Running in split

A well known exercise, intense but with many benefits. “It helps to learn to run faster, that’s what looking for people who used to run small errands 5km or 10km, informs Murad Bendjelloul, sports coach in Paris . It causes the heart. It is is trying hard to make it more powerful. ” This exercise also helps burn fat faster and eliminate a lot of calories. “A person who will do twice a week split will have more result than someone who will run 45 minutes once a week,” says the expert.

How to do the split: “the ideal is to have a treadmill already programmed.I advise to make 30 seconds of acceleration to 20km / h and 30 seconds to 10 km / h and repeat ten times, which is 10 minutes of racing, “recommends the specialist.

Do not hunted

“To keep fit or to the muscle building , one can shuffle step to a little fast speed” , advises Mourad Bendjelloul. Benefits: work inside the thighs, adductors and outside thighs, abductors.

How to do not hunted on the carpet: “We can do 30 seconds of not hunted between 6 and 8 km / h, alternate with a minute of racing by increasing the speed to 10km / h, then resume the footsteps of the other side.”

Use the inclination of the carpet

The sports coach also suggests using the slope option of the treadmill, to make climbs by walking or running according to the level: “do not always run on flat, because the same muscles are solicited and at the same intensity.The inclination allows to vary, “he says. The inclination will solicit the muscles as the back of the thighs , but also the glutes .

How to use the inclination of the carpet : “We begin an average inclination, that is to say, 5 if the maximum is 10, and we increase depending on the level I advise 10 minutes inclination and 10 minutes flat” .

Make slits

At very low speed, you can chain slots on the carpet. “Attention, this exercise is not suitable for everyone.The slots require a large amplitude and tall people will not necessarily have a suitable length of carpet , warns Mourad Bendjelloul. This option allows you to work your thighs , including the quadriceps, and also the glutes .

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