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5 exercises to build muscle with a chair after 50

You have decided to do more sports. Well done, no question of sitting on your good resolution! And for that, one seat is enough. Demonstration.

1. I tone my arms

Sitting on the edge of the chair, hands resting on each side of the buttocks: lift your buttocks, bend your arms, elbows backwards, and lower your behind towards the ground (your back should brush against the seat). Try to lower your shoulder as far as possible to elbow height, then come back up and start again. Five to ten movements, to be repeated twice.
What is working? This exercise is intractable with the triceps , these muscles of the back of the arms, often soft, that it makes more toned.

2. I sculpt my thighs

Standing facing the chair, feet shoulder-width apart: place one foot flat on the seat, knee bent, pelvis in retroversion. Push on the bent thigh as if to climb on the chair, without putting pressure on the leg on the ground! Perform three cycles of five to ten repetitions.
What is working? The front but also the back of the thighs (hamstring muscles).

3. Sitting in a vacuum, it strengthens too

Place your back against the wall, feet apart the width of the pool, firmly anchored in the ground (be careful, the tiles are slipping!). Slowly descend as if to sit on an invisible chair, thighs parallel to the floor. Hold for up to a minute before getting up. Repeat twice.
What is working? Concrete quadriceps for walking, skiing … with the knees well supported.

4. I firm my buttocks

On the floor on a mat, lying on your back, arms at your sides, the chair approximately 50 cm from the buttocks: place both heels on the edge of the seat and push your pelvis towards the ceiling. Then release the pelvis towards the ground before going up ten times. Three cycles per session.
What is working? The glutes and hamstrings, and even more over time, when you can repeat the movement continuously, without the buttocks touching the ground.

5. I draw my abs

Sitting on the edge of the chair, hands on each side: lift your feet while keeping your back rounded, which forces your abs to tighten. Hold the position for fifteen seconds (and up to one minute over the course of the sessions), knees and legs covered, then release before resuming twice.
What is working? Abdominals. The perineum is reinforced , which prevents urinary leakage and organ descent, and the stomach, more flat.

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