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5 tips from Marie Drucker to get in shape after 40

What are the right reflexes to apply on a daily basis to stay in good health? Nutrition, sport, sleep … Journalist Marie Drucker shares her simple and effective tips for getting in shape after 40. Good reflexes to adopt without delay!

Eat well, practice regular physical activity, get restful sleep … So many common sense tips for staying healthy. But it is not always easy to apply them on a daily basis!

To achieve this, Marie Drucker has adopted several good, simple and effective reflexes, which are now an integral part of her lifestyle. The 46-year-old journalist shares her good habits for getting in shape after 40. And there is no room for injunctions: “Beauty is yours, it is the weight at which you feel good, it is the physical activity that is right for you. This is what is good for you. you do not need to respond to the often contradictory diktats of society “ , she specifies.

Take care of your diet

Eating well is essential for good health. And this is also Marie Drucker’s first piece of advice: “Food is the key to almost everything,” she says. It is therefore necessary to balance your meals, by consuming fruits, vegetables, proteins and starches.

But that’s not all: the journalist recommends avoiding carbonated water , which would promote water retention and cellulite, to prefer whole-grain flour to white flour and not to drink during meals in order to facilitate the digestion.

Another tip for adopting a healthy diet: avoid snacking by brushing your teeth after each meal. “Mint toothpaste makes everyone agree and you no longer want to eat anything right after,” says the journalist.

Engage in physical activity

To stay in top shape, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity endurance activity each week. Marie Drucker’s advice to achieve this? Choose a physical activity associated with the notion of pleasure.

The journalist explains that “the right frequency (…) is quite simply what you are able to integrate into your schedule (…) So if you manage to sanctuary even one hour a week all the time, all year round, it’s already great, ”she explains.

Sleep well

To be in top shape, adults should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. But this is not the only data to take into account to have a restful sleep . Marie Drucker reminds us that it is recommended not to go to bed too late, to sleep in the dark and in silence. Another tip: “Leave the cell phone, off or in airplane mode, outside the room if possible,” she says.

Manage stress

We know that stress is a risk factor for various pathologies, including cardiovascular diseases . To manage it as well as possible, Marie Drucker applies the “4 R method” developed by Dr Soly Bensabat: “Reinterpret, Relativize, Take Back, Get back to basics”.

The journalist gives a concrete example: in the course of your work, you received a message that attacked you? To “reinterpret”, ask yourself about the state of mind you were in at the time, to “relativize”, ask yourself if you were right to understand it this way and to “take recoil “, try not to react hot. Finally to “get back to basics”, Marie Drucker recommends reconnecting with the life around. “Children, something else that makes you happy, reading, running a shower or a bath, getting out of this stressful moment that has assaulted us , ” she suggests.

Take care of your skin

To be in top shape after 40, Marie Drucker also recommends paying attention to your skin, especially protecting yourself from the sun. “You have to take a little vitamin D “ , but always wearing “hat, glasses, full screen, light, loose clothing etc.” . Finally, the journalist also warns against the damage of alcohol and tobacco on the skin and on health in general.

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