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5 yoga poses to do in bed to fall asleep quickly

Chase away the tensions in the body, evacuate negative emotions, calm the mind, lower the heart rate… These yoga postures to do in bed to fall asleep quickly will do you the greatest good.

Twist to relieve tension in the back, inversion posture to stimulate blood circulation and relieve heavy legs at the end of the day, posture of opening the heart to welcome and balance positive and negative emotions before sleeping … these yoga postures to effectively improve the quality of our sleep , let’s go!

The posture of the candle, to activate blood circulation

How to achieve the posture of the candle?

  • Lie on your back on your bed.
  • By placing your hands in the lower back of your back, come up gradually, legs stretched towards the ceiling, hips, without lifting your shoulders and head.
  • Try to go as far as possible vertically, while maintaining a good balance and a good alignment of the legs, hips.
  • Do not hesitate to help yourself with your arms, with your hands resting on the lumbar region, and breathe deeply in this posture.

Good to know: you can also perform this posture leaning against a wall. Legs stretched along the wall, and hips glued to the wall, back flat on the ground, you can relieve heavy legs at the end of the day, and release all the tensions stored in the body.

If you want to go further…
To continue this posture, after a few minutes in the candle, we can perform the plow posture. To do this, all you need to do is bend your legs, then tilt your knees towards your head. Take a few deep breaths, breaths in this posture …

The benefits of the posture of the candlelight: this posture is great for making it easier to fall asleep at bedtime . It helps to fluidify the circulation (literally and figuratively) of blood, emotions and energies. “The negative turns into the positive and relaxation and well-being are accentuated. And it is for this reason that inversions are often practiced at the end of the course before the final posture”, specifies the professor of OlyBe.

The posture of the lying butterfly, to relieve stress

How to achieve the butterfly posture?

  • Lie on your back, on your bed for example.
  • Bend your legs and bring your soles together.
  • Let your knees drop on either side of the outside.
  • Slightly open your arms on either side of the bust, palms facing the ceiling.
  • Close your eyes, and take full advantage of this moment of relaxation …

Good to know: you can also achieve this posture while sitting. The soles of the feet are against each other, the knees are open, the back is straight. We then stretch the bust to the maximum, while growing, as if a thread would laugh at the top of the head.

The tip: for more comfort, you can add a cushion along the spine , or support the knees by sliding under cushions or yoga blocks.

The benefits of the butterfly posture: also called the posture of the goddess of sleep, the posture of the lying butterfly, offers a deep relaxation of the body and the mind. It opens up the chest, hips and pelvis, to release tension …

The elongated twist posture, to release tension in the back

How to achieve the posture of the elongated twist?

  • Lie on your back on your bed.
  • Bend the knees, bring them together and bring them back above the stomach. Your legs form a right angle.
  • Come and put your knees still together, on the right side, making sure to keep your shoulders glued to the ground.
  • Your arms are in a cross, on either side of your bust, palms of hands facing the ceiling.
  • Turn your head to the left, then take several breaths in this relaxation pose (ideally for several minutes).
  • Bring your knees above your stomach, then your feet to the ground, and do the same by changing sides (knees to the left, head to the right).

The benefits of the elongated twist: this elongated twist posture is very effective in loosening any knots associated with tensions in the back . It relieves the muscles of the upper back and stretches the spine. Finish with a posture lying on the back, arms alongside the body allows you to welcome the sensations in the body after the twists.

The cobra posture, to balance the emotions

How to perform the cobra pose?

  • Lie on your stomach, and rest your forehead on the mattress or on your mat.
  • Spread your legs slightly, about to drop her from the hips.
  • With your hands resting on the floor or on the mattress, at shoulder level, elbows bent, gently lift off your upper body, pushing on your arms and pelvis.
  • Be careful not to raise the bust too high, so as not to damage the lower back …
  • With your bust raised, take several deep deep breaths in your stomach, then come back down, controlling your bust on the ground.

The benefits of the cobra posture: this yoga posture is strongly indicated at the end of the day, since it allows to open the heart, and to release the emotions, to find a balance. Indispensable before a good night’s sleep !

The child’s posture, to sleep like a baby

How to achieve the child’s posture?

  • On your mattress, or on your mat, sit on your knees, buttocks on your heels.
  • Open and spread your knees slightly, about hip-width apart.
  • Bring your bust forward, in order to drop your forehead on the ground, and your chest towards the knees.
  • Once you feel comfortable in this posture (do not hesitate to round your back if necessary), come and lay your arms along the legs, turning the palms of the hands towards the ceiling.
  • Take deep breaths in this relaxed posture, and feel the air circulating.

The extra tip: if your heels don’t touch your buttocks, don’t panic, you can slip a small cushion or a rolled up blanket under your buttocks to support them. If you are in pain, you have not yet found the comfortable posture that is right for you!

If you want to go further…
To work on the stretching more, you can open your knees a little more: the thumbs of the feet stick together, and we move the bust between the legs to feel the stretch.

The benefits of the child’s posture : the child’s posture (Balâsana) has never been so aptly named as when it is practiced before going to sleep… This posture can indeed help sleep ” like a baby “, since it helps to refocus on oneself, to let go , and to evacuate all the tensions which could come to lodge in the lower back, the shoulders or the neck.

Sleep well: 5 tips to improve the quality of your sleep

  • Regularly (ideally daily!) Practicing these relaxation postures is a good way to calm down before bed. You can also learn about yoga nidra, which will offer deep relaxation at the end of the day …
  • Routine is precious, since it allows you to have benchmarks, it brings security and comfort. At the end of the day or in the evening, we can therefore set up small rituals that do us good: drink a herbal tea with soothing plants , take a hot bath, keep a small gratitude notebook , listen to soft music that soothes us, practice mindfulness meditation … In short, we do ourselves good, but far from the screens!
  • We eat lightly, to avoid weighing down digestion before bedtime, and we avoid alcoholic drinks and stimulants such as coffee.
  • As much as possible, we try to keep a rhythm for bedtime and waking hours. While sleeping in every now and then is nice, you can mess up your body clock, so it’s best to keep the same hours, weekdays and weekends.
  • Do not forget to practice regular physical activity, to work out and clear your head! And yes, the quality of our sleep also depends on our day… On the other hand, we reserve cardio sports sessions , or split sessions , such as tabata , Hiit , etc. at the start of the day.

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