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6 tips to fight fatigue

No more soft mornings, untimely yawns and sleepy evenings, with the recommendations of Prof. Pierre Philip, head of the sleep medicine department at Bordeaux University Hospital and author of Antifatigue (ed. Albin Michel).

Adopt a Mediterranean diet
Two studies, published in 2016 and 2019, now highlight its anti-fatigue benefits: by limiting inflammation in the brain, this diet based on olive oil, tomatoes and feta promotes more sleep. restorative … therefore less tired awakenings. Two star foods to favor to boost your energy: kiwi and cherry which increase the duration of nighttime sleep and its effectiveness.

Playing with natural light
In the morning, when you wake up, it acts as a starter on the various organs of the body and drives away fatigue. In addition, it rebalances the biological rhythm. So we try to have breakfast in front of a window, do a workout outside before going to work and / or walk to the office when exiting the metro or the bus a few stations upstream.

Set up a reassuring ritual
It helps to bypass the vicious circle of insomnia . Every day, always in the same order, a few hours before going to sleep: stretching , a light meal with a focus on slow sugars (pasta, rice …), take a long shower and go to bed with a good book. Be careful, at the first signs of falling asleep, the light is turned off. It is also important to go to bed and get up at the same time every day – including on weekends – to restore good habits to the body, which is also sensitive to routine.

Stop smoking and cut back on coffee
The morning “boost” coffee actually only masks the consequences of lack of sleep. Gradually reducing your consumption allows you to gradually restore quality sleep. Warning: heavy drinkers of coffee (from 8 cups per day), but also of tea and energy drinks should proceed to a mild weaning at the risk of suffering from headaches. Same story with tobacco: this recognized psychostimulant promotes wakefulness … But at the end of the day, it is devastating for sleep. The most addicted will be satisfied with a maximum of a cigarette after dinner, at the risk of not sleeping overnight.

Waking up gradually
When the alarm rings, practicing 5 minutes of stretching gently stimulates motor and cognitive functions. Start lying on your back. Stretch the tips of the feet outward on the exhale; then, on inspiration, raise your arms above your head. To be done 5 times. Bring one knee towards the chest while exhaling through the mouth for 15-20 seconds for each leg. Then sit cross-legged. Slowly roll your head one way, then the other. Finally, stand with your legs parallel and slightly apart. Roll the spine towards the feet, the arms hanging down, then go up by gently unrolling the spine, vertebra by vertebra.

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Take the flash nap
If it does not replace with a good night’s sleep, it restores (a little) the capacities of memorization and concentration and restores some strength to face the end of the day. To get the most out of its benefits, the duration should not exceed 10 to 20 minutes . A little pro tip: drinking a strong coffee (espresso type) just before going to sleep guarantees you wake up 15 minutes later, the time it takes for the stimulating effect of caffeine to manifest itself.

Diseases responsible for fatigue

Many pathologies can be at the origin of asthenia – that is to say: of an intense fatigue which does not pass despite a good sleep.

Depression: 1 in 10 French people will be affected during their lifetime, and especially women. In addition to physical and intellectual fatigue, depression is characterized by a feeling of permanent sadness and a lack of motivation for everyday actions .

Anemia : it affects 25% of women before menopause and is a common biological cause of exhaustion: usually caused by iron deficiency (iron deficiency anemia), it also manifests through pale skin and shortness of breath.

Sleep apnea: it concerns 20% of French people after 45 years and is responsible for poorly restorative nights due to micro-awakenings: it is often the disease of “heavy snorers”.

And you, do you sleep well? Find the anti fatigue tips of the girls in the editorial staff and share your tips and little rituals (below) for a good night in the arms of Morphée.

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