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8 grapefruit recipes, the healthy fruit of winter

Cold , fatigue, virus … So many little annoyances that appear in winter. A good reason to take care of yourself, by adopting a balanced diet . For this, fruits and vegetables are our allies! And why, as long as you do not opt ​​for seasonal products ?

Kiwi, orange, almond , salsify, lamb’s lettuce, pumpkin … The possibilities are numerous. And among the well-known healthy fruits of winter, we find grapefruit in particular .

Vitamins, fibers and phosphorus

Known for its vitamin content , essential to face the cold season, grapefruit is also rich in phosphorus (13.8 mg per 100 g), but also in fiber (1.33 g per 100 g). This citrus fruit therefore participates in bone strengthening and facilitates digestion.

There are different types of grapefruit : it can thus be pink, white or “bloody”, but also come from different geographical areas, such as Corsica, the Antilles, Spain or even Florida. Each variety has its particularities: the Florida grapefruit, which has a smooth bark and brown spots, is characterized for example by its absence of bitterness .

Wherever it comes from, grapefruit has many benefits, and its health benefits are well proven. It is not for nothing that this citrus fruit is used as a dietary supplement: grapefruit seed extract, for example, is very effective in strengthening the immune system .

But this citrus fruit can also be integrated into recipes, whether sweet or savory!

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