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8 tips to take advantage of confinement to refine your figure

We are off to staying at home for several days or even weeks… What if we took advantage of this unprecedented situation to take care of ourselves, our body, and to refine our figure? Discover the easy-to-apply advice from Sarah Marin-Maire, dietician and nutritionist, right now.

See confinement as an opportunity … for your figure!

What if we saw the positive side of this unique situation? The fact of being at home every day, telecommuting or not, is a real advantage for your menus and therefore your line! No, confinement does not necessarily mean gaining weight , you will be able to cook every day (or optionally, continue to do batch cooking ), even simple things, keeping an eye on everything that will be in your plate.

Make it simple, but balanced: vegetables, whole starches, proteins

In reality, 15 minutes is enough to prepare a balanced meal with a portion of vegetables , a portion of complete starchy foods , a portion of protein (animal or vegetable) and a portion of vegetable oil.

These are all the components that make a dish balanced and very often, when you buy your lunch outside, or that you dine outside, one of these components is absent or insufficient. Result, the dish can be too rich, composed of poor quality fats, in insufficient quantity, or on the contrary, too large.

Discipline yourself when shopping

To avoid temptations, to not get fat , and to be sure to eat a balanced and healthy diet during this period of confinement, the timing of the races should not be taken lightly. To avoid the temptation to put comfort food in your basket, make your shopping list before going there. We try to cook as much as possible raw products (whether fresh or frozen), of good quality and ORGANIC (or of reasoned agriculture), if possible.

Combine a balanced diet with physical activity

Being at home, the time spent commuting to work also means being able to take advantage to do more sport, with more time. Whether muscle building or cardio sessions with exercises to do on the spot, moving is essential not only to stay in shape, even garden , have a quality sleep , keep morale and as a bonus, to refine. Why not take advantage of confinement to launch a challenge for example, or combine several exos to make it a short but daily routine?

Draw in our sports challenges, and take up one or more challenges:

  • Sheathing challenge: 30 days to sculpt your body
  • Squats challenge: 30 days to refine your lower body
  • Knee lift challenge: 30 days to have a flat stomach!
  • Lunges challenge: 30 days to refine your legs
  • Burpee challenge: 30 days to burn fat

Find inner calm, reduce stress, take time for yourself

If the surrounding stress related to the current situation is inevitable, multiple stressful parameters, such as daily journeys, precise schedules to be respected, certain complicated work relationships, are no longer there. Take the opportunity to cultivate inner calm , by removing stress and taking time for yourself. Practicing yoga and meditation on a daily basis will help you reduce this stress. Because reducing your stress also means putting all the chances on your side to preserve your line: it has been proven that stress can block weight loss or gain weight. On top of that, with reduced stress, you should sleep better, which also has an impact on your weight. In short, the perfect time to start a food rebalancing !

Losing weight and staying in shape: the foods to favor

In general, as we have just said, it is necessary to give priority to RAW and ORGANIC foods (or from reasoned agriculture). And compose your meal in a balanced way, by drawing from each food group, in a reasonable quantity and adapted to your needs:

Animal or vegetable proteins:

  • Of meat
  • the fish
  • Eggs
  • Tofu
  • Seitan
  • of tempeh

Starchy :

  • Whole or semi-whole grains (whole rice, semi-complete pasta, quinoa , bulgur, spelled pasta, small spelled pasta, black rice, etc.)
  • Of legumes ( chickpeas , green / lentils / Beluga beans, white / red beans …)
  • Wholemeal bread (spelled bread, small spelled bread, rye bread, buckwheat bread, kamut bread…)
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes

Vegetables :

  • Fresh
  • Frozen (check the ingredients list on the sachet, only vegetables, nothing else!)

Vegetable oils:

  • Of olive oil
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Of linseed oil
  • Hazelnut oil
  • The walnut oil … The ideal is to vary them!

The fruit fresh (raw or frozen) also form part of a balanced diet, like oilseeds (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, …).

The importance of quantities: the right balance to keep

All of these foods make it possible to establish a balanced diet, then it’s all a question of distribution (daily or between each family of foods) and quantities.

To be sure to provide your body with everything it needs to be healthy and keep the line, the best is to consult a dietician, remote consultations are offered. If you want to lose weight, a dietician can guide the food rebalancing towards weight loss.

Be careful, keep in mind that eating less does not mean losing weight. You risk causing deficiencies , food compulsions by deprivation, snacking , or the reverse of the desired objective: storage. The body being deprived, within the framework of a low-calorie diet, it will store the least calorie absorbed “to make provisions when you impose the next famine”.

The 6 essential steps to start a virtuous circle for the silhouette, do we get started?

To start a virtuous circle, and take care of its line during confinement, we start with:

  • Step 1 Tidy up your house, do a big cleaning, and sort it in its cupboards (all cupboards combined!). It clears my head, puts me in good mood …
  • Step 2 Put excessively fatty, too sweet products aside, and keep only the best foods at hand.
  • Step 3 Go shopping by selecting good raw and organic products if possible, carefully avoiding industrial and processed products.
  • Step 4 Identify healthy recipe ideas on social networks or on websites that make us want to. And think of all those that we had spotted, but that we had not taken the time to test…
  • Step 5 Set at least one niche devoted to physical activity in your agenda . Even ten minutes a day is enough, depending on your time and your level. Putting it on your calendar, like any other work meeting, for example, will help you stick to it.
  • Step 6 Take stock of his motivation, the reasons that prompt us to initiate these changes. Staying healthy by adopting a better diet should be a priority over weight loss! Go at your own pace, changing a little something more in your daily life … To make good habits in the long term!

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