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9 free nutrition apps to eat better

Make healthier shopping, eat better or follow your diet more easily, these are the promises of these new coaches. Overview to find your bearings

The nutrition apps are on the rise! According to a Kantar Worldpanel 2018 survey, 8% of French people have already downloaded one. And in an Ifop survey, 35% of respondents said they had already used this type of apps. But if they make the buzz, all are not equal. Our selection of free apps available in iOS and Android versions.

I want to buy healthier

  • Open Food Facts: With 650,000 foods already listed, the app continues to grow with new products as they come on the market. For each food, we find the list of ingredients, nutritional intake and the Nutri-Score , from A to E (at least healthy). It also mentions the degree of processing of products .

The + : deemed reliable by nutritionists, it serves as a database for researchers.

  • ScanUp: It uses the database of Open Food Facts and assigns the food a score of 1 (ultra-healthy) to 7 (to consume very occasionally) according to the score Siga, developed by nutritionist Anthony Fardet. This ranking takes into account the fat, sugar and salt contents, the number of additives and the level of processing.

The + : if we choose a misclassified product, the app offers other, healthier.

I wish to eat balanced

  • Foodvisor : From a photo, it calculates the intake of calories, proteins, lipids (fats), carbohydrates (sugars) and fibers of our menus. It works thanks to a new technology, which allows it to recognize foods and to evaluate their quantity. Every day, we can take stock and see if we are in the nails in comparison with the recommended contributions.

The + : if we opt for the paid version, we have access to the advice of a dietician to rebalance his menus or follow a particular diet.

  • Etiquettable : It helps to adopt a more sustainable and environmentally friendly diet. It offers tips for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and many recipes, based on their carbon footprint. There is a list of endangered fish, whose consumption should be exceptional, as well as that of local and seasonal fruits and vegetables to be preferred.

The + : most recipes are offered by chefs committed to sustainable cooking, like those of the association Bon pour le climat.

I am a “no” diet

  • Kwalito : It allows to know if a food contains or not a compound that we want to avoid: lactose, peanut, glucose-fructose syrup … According to the diet criteria we choose, each product is displayed in green (we can eat it) or red (it does not fit).

The + : it works with the Open Food Facts database.

  • Youmiam : It allows to obtain recipes adapted to a diet: gluten-free, vegetarian … It also gives ideas to sell leftovers, just indicate the food in the refrigerator or closet.

The + : we can select recipes corresponding to its level in the kitchen or its budget.

  • Vegg’up: This is the app we need when embarking on a flexitarian or vegetarian diet. We discover how to cook essential foods, legumes, whole grains, seeds, without getting bored. And how to compose a balanced meal from a recipe.

The +: we also find the advice and tips of dieticians to avoid deficiencies.

  • Diabetes Gourmand: It helps to compose its menus in case of diabetes but can be used by all to calculate precisely its nutritional contributions. We select a category of foods (for example, fruits), then a particular food (for example, plum) and thanks to photos, the quantity consumed (1, 2 or 3).

The +: it is developed from the decomposition reference table of nutritionists (Ciqual).

Yuka, the nutrition app has become a real phenomenon

Already downloaded by 7 million French, it is the most known and used apps that help to do the shopping. Working with the database of Open Food Facts, it gives a score on 100 foods (according to their Nutri-Score, the presence of additives and whether they are organic or not) and offers others, similar, but better rated. Bottom: It is not known on what criteria some additives are considered more harmful than others.

Nutrition Apps: Use with moderation

While these apps make it easy to decrypt labels, not all of them label foods the same. No need to download several, at the risk of getting lost! No guilt either: eating a food poorly noted occasionally, a fortiori as part of a balanced diet, does not put our health at risk!

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