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Anti-stress, weight loss, fiber intake … 6 good reasons to eat pasta regularly

They are easy to cook, are declined to infinity, are greedy, economic and unanimous in the family. However, they are wrongly shunned by those who want to lose weight. Here are the good reasons to eat pasta regularly.

Pasta promotes weight loss

Against all expectations, pasta does not necessarily make you fat. On the contrary, they promote weight loss . There is even a pasta diet ! In a study published in the medical journal BMJ Open , Canadian researchers at the University of Toronto and St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto believe that pasta is often wrongly banned in diets.

To arrive at these conclusions, the scientists followed 2,500 individuals. They had to eat pasta more than three times a week instead of other carbohydrates as part of a low glycemic index diet . The GI of a food indicates its ability to increase blood sugar levels and duration of assimilation of sugars that are then converted into fat.

Review of the study: participants lost weight , about 500 grams over three months. By eating them with other low GI products, pasta is a slimming ally! “Starchy foods are not a drag on weight loss,” says dr. Nina Cohen-Koubi, nutritionist doctor. She says that it can even help avoid snacking after meals. “It’s better to start weight loss with starchy foods at lunch and dinner (in smaller amounts) so you do not eat again afterwards,” she says.

To limit the calories of the pasta, it is necessary to supervise the cooking . We opt for al dente cooking , when they are firm, neither crunchy nor soft. This lowers the glycemic index of the pasta. We also respect the good portions , about 70 grams of raw pasta are sufficient, and we avoid the rich sauces and cheese over.

Pasta helps to sleep better …

Can we eat pasta at night? The answer is yes ! In any case, this is what naturopath Martine Posternak , who gives tips to eat and drink healthy on his Instagram account. It reveals that organic and semi-complete or spelled pasta can help to sleep well, as they avoid the possible lack of serotonin , a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep, in addition to facilitating digestion and stalling. ‘stomach.

The specialist advises in her post Instagram to accompany these starchy foods with a small part of proteins , such as fish, poultry, or crustaceans, as well as raw vegetables. All without fat sauce or meat, just plain pasta with a little homemade tomato sauce , a drizzle of olive oil and a few chips of parmesan cheese.

… and allow you to recharge your batteries

Starchy foods are an essential fuel for the body because they contain slow sugars that provide the energy you need. Without abusing quantities, a pasta dish with a homemade sauce can be an excellent meal before a sports session , a race or a competition.

Pasta increases satiety

On the condition of preferring full or semi-complete, pasta is an interesting source of fiber , which makes it possible to feel full more quickly, but also longer. There is less risk of nibbling throughout the afternoon if you have eaten pasta at lunch rather than a salad.

Pasta is in the Mediterranean diet

These starchy foods are among the Mediterranean diet also called Cretan diet, whose benefits are no longer to prove. This diet is based on consumption of omega 3 with nuts, fish, olive oil or some vegetables, but also vitamin C and antioxidants through fruits and vegetables. That’s not all, the Cretan diet uses lentils, rice and pasta, as long as they are complete pasta , to refuel.

Pasta is an anti-stress ally

In addition to promoting sleep , pasta is also a very good anti-stress ally! The consumption of pasta promotes the synthesis of insulin. This facilitates the absorption of serotonin-related tryptophan, which regulates mood, among other things, according to a study published in the scientific journal The Lancet. You can also opt for other high-sugar foods, such as rice , or quinoa. Pasta is an ideal meal before an exam , or an event that stresses us.

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