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Aperitifs, barbecue: how to compensate for the excesses of summer?

Churros at the beach? But yes, if we can immediately compensate for this difference.

On vacation, you can enjoy a chocolate cone or a Greek sandwich on the sand, but not every day, and on condition of rebalancing at the next meal ( lean proteins like poultry + vegetables). Other rules to limit collateral damage: take advantage of your free time to prepare ice creams while minimizing sugar, salads and sandwiches by reducing fat… And to burn off the excess, you can get out of your deckchair: 1 hour on a pedal boat is – 150 kcal, 1 hour of beach volleyball – 550 kcal!

Ice creams: we use calcium alibi

Low in calories, yogurt ice cream provides calcium and good bacteria to maintain the intestinal flora. Good plan too, the stick with water, which can replace a sugary drink because the sugar intake is equivalent. The trick: eating ice cream after a meal rich in protein and fiber makes you less fat. Their sugars are digested more slowly, resulting in a moderate impact on insulin secretion and less risk of storage. We can also lighten the meal: no bread, to compensate for the sugar intake, and little fat.

Sandwiches: we find the right balance

Swedish bread (sugar + cream) and wrap (zero satiety ) are false friends. If you fall for a ham and butter, eliminate all the starchy foods in the evening, because 150 g of baguette is equivalent to swallowing 300 g of pasta! Prefer a lower GI cereal bread , spread with cream cheese. For the Greek sandwich, prepare it with turkey or veal and a yogurt sauce.

Two ideas for “diet” sandwiches:

– The special line: lightly buttered and well mustard sourdough bread + tarragon, onions, cucumber, tomato and chicken breast.

– The special activities: nut or rye bread, smoked salmon, tzatziki and baby spinach.

Barbecue: we fill up with omega 3

Forget the merguez (420 kcal both)! Two grilled sardines is 65 kcal and a wealth of good omega 3, unlike meats rich in saturated fatty acids, the excess of which increases bad cholesterol . Good pickaxe too: mackerel, salmon, prawns … and chicken (without the skin). The trick to “mop up” the fat: balance the accompaniments. Trendy bowl with wholegrain rice and grilled vegetables, avocado-based verrines… For dessert, fruit skewer (melon + strawberries + 1 chamallow), homemade granita…

Salads: pay attention to the composition

The key ? Foster satiety and variety. 5 tablespoons of starchy foods (potatoes, red beans, lentils, etc.) energy sources, as many raw and / or cooked vegetables (fennel, asparagus, artichoke hearts, etc.), 100 to 120 g of protein (shrimp , egg, tuna…), and vitaminized sprouts.

Buffet at the club: we are cunning!

Local specialties (paella, couscous, etc.) are fairly balanced, provided that the vegetables are maximized. Take dessert plates and compose them like a regular meal with starter (raw vegetables), fish and shellfish more often than meat, fresh fruit or a mini pastry with coffee. Or choose a pleasure dish (burger or large dessert) and frame it with “soft” foods. Allow yourself one gourmet meal per week, preferably at noon. And not to jump on the buffet, make a real breakfast (bread, dairy, fruit).

Good holiday swaps

1 sugar waffle (240 kcal) >>> 1 sugar pancake (125 kcal)

1 sachet of 100g of pralines (560 kcal) >>> 1 sachet of 50g of sweet popcorn (195 kcal)

1 plain donut (392 kcal) >>> 1 milk loaf (200 kcal)

1 handful of 100g of cherries (100 kcal) >>> 1 slice of watermelon (45 kcal)

125 ml apricot juice (120 kcal) >>> 1 apple juice (42 kcal)

1 part of 4 cheese pizza (500 kcal) >>> 1 part of queen pizza (400 kcal).

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