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Apples + tea, the winning anti-aging combo

In the frantic race against time and its damage, Australian scientists may have found the solution: drink plenty of tea and focus on the fruit (not so) forbidden that is the apple! We explain to you.

In the middle of August, the prospect of a tea and an apple may not stir you up, yet it will protect you from cancer and heart disease . The reason ? These foods are rich in flavonoids, plant pigments responsible for the color of fruits and flowers, with antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. This is the finding made by Australian researchers at Edith Cowan University after studying the dietary patterns of 56,048 Danes, followed for twenty-three years.

The results showed that the risk of cancer or heart problems was lower when the diet was rich in flavonoids. Participants with the lowest risk rate consumed approximately 500 mg of flavonoids per day. What represents on a day: a cup of tea, an apple, an orange, 100 g of blueberries and 100 g of broccoli … What to vary the pleasures.

This is not a miracle cure

“These results are important because they highlight the possibility of preventing cancer and heart disease by encouraging the consumption of flavonoid-rich foods, particularly in people who are susceptible to these chronic diseases such as smokers and drinkers. regular alcohol, “said Dr. Nicola Bondonno, lead author of the study. But caution, “the consumption of flavonoids does not solve all the risks of death due to smoking and excessive alcohol consumption”. Without any surprise, and far from us the desire to make you morals during the holidays but, it would be necessary to reduce its consumption of alcohol and tobacco, in addition to adopting a diet rich in flavonoids. A good resolution for the autumn of 2019?

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