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Arms, glutes, abs … 5 exos of Pilates to carve a pretty figure

Muscle his back with the swimming

How to perform the swimming exercise? Lying on the stomach , forehead on the ground, feet in the Pilates position . “Swallow” the bottom of the abs to keep the pelvis in a neutral position, coccys lowered. Raise your head, lower your shoulders as if to open the base of the neck, hold the frame. Take off the right arm and left leg slightly above the ground, then reverse the movement. “Swim” in a fluid motion, just above the ground. Breathe naturally 10 movements.

Draw his abs with the single leg strech

How to perform the exercise of the single leg strech? On the back, raise your head and upper back . Bend the right knee on the chest, both hands on the right knee . Extend the size by “self-expanding”. Raise your left leg, tense, to 45 degrees. The bottom of the abs swallowed. Change legs alternately, keeping the lower abdomen swallowed, the lower back resting on the ground, the frame fixed and stable. Keep your head and upper back off the ground during exercise. Pull the knee toward the shoulder for a small stretch. Inhale on two movements. Exhale on two movements. 10 times.

Refine her thighs with the side kicks up and down

How to perform the exercise of the side kicks up and down? Lying on the side. Align the shoulder, pelvis and elbow along the carpet. The legs are stretched slightly forward of the body. One foot flex, one foot pointed, the back is straight, you are resting on the elbow, the other hand on the floor in front of the bust. Raise the leg to the sky, in external rotation of the thigh . Straighten your hip and back to the max. Shoulders low, hold your frame. Finish the movement by aligning the heels together. Inhale while climbing the leg. Exhale down the leg. 5 movements on each side.

Galber her glutes with the bridge

How to perform the bridge exercise? On the back, legs bent, heels aligned with the knees. Peel the pelvis off the ground, hands on the glutes, resting on the elbows. Make a line with the trunk and thighs, trim the abs. Stretch the right leg slightly above the ground, pointed foot, pelvis aligned. Perform 3 beats of the right leg. Foot pointed upwards. Flex foot downhill. Same on the left. Natural breathing.

Firm up his arms with the push-up

How to perform the push-up exercise? Face down, arms outstretched, hands spread shoulder width. Project slightly ahead of the fingers, the back straight, the pelvis aligned with the shoulders. On an inspiration, bend your arms more or less depending on your strength, elbows stuck to the body. Direct the chest between the hands. Hold the backs well to lower the shoulders and lengthen the neck. On an expiration, extend your arms and return to the starting position. Make 3 repetitions 3 times.

The expert’s advice to optimize this Pilates session

Malory Richard, Pilates teacher, trained at Romana’s Pilates School.

“Fluidity, control, breathing, strength and flexibility”
A Pilates session aims to put the body in motion. Be sure to maintain a certain fluidity in performing the exercises in order to properly position your breathing . Be patient and regular, let your body turn into sweetness! Do not look for performance, the Pilates method will take you there naturally.

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