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Bodybuilding: advantages, even after 50 years!

This sport has many advantages, including when you get older.

We often associate bodybuilding and bodybuilding, but bodybuilding is not just about bulking up, ”reassures Bénédicte Le Panse, doctor in physiology. It also means building up your muscles in depth with targeted exercises to gain strength and balance, as well as consolidating your health capital with age. From the age of 60, this helps to counter bone loss , age-related muscle wasting ( sarcopenia), reduce joint pain or lose a few pounds of fat. Practiced at least twice a week, weight training reduces the risk of cardiac arrest by 41%, according to an American study carried out over fifteen years with 30,000 seniors aged 65 and over. And in 2019, its benefits on the brain were demonstrated. It improves the brain functions of people at risk of Alzheimer’s .

Bodybuilding after 50: slowly but surely

In order to avoid hiccups, we go through the doctor’s box to check that all is well on the heart and body side (the joints in particular). We start with short sessions using a book or the Goove app (approved by the Ministry of Sports) to make sure to reproduce the right gestures. We zap this or that part of the body if we have pain. At the beginning, it is better to space out the sessions by forty-eight hours, the time to let the inevitable achessubside. Then, you can practice daily between thirty minutes and an hour, warming up and stretching included.

Bodybuilding: my little daily routine

No need to join a gym or even buy accessories, you can start quietly at home, armed with your only good will.

1. Seated squats

Why ? Strengthen the thighs and buttocks.

The exercise : standing in front of a chair , back straight, hands resting on the hips: inhale while trying to sit down. Your buttocks should descend as slowly as possible towards the seat. Go back up while exhaling. Do 3 sets of 10, interspersed with phases of 1 min of rest.

2. The bridge

Why ? Strengthen the back (lumbar), abdominals, glutes and the back of the thighs (hamstring muscles).

The exercise : lying on your back, arms at your sides, knees bent, feet firmly anchored in the ground and spaced apart from the width of the pelvis: inhale, contract your glutes by lifting them towards the ceiling then, on the exhale, bring them back to the ground without putting them down and start again. 3 sets of 5, 10 then 15 repetitions over the days. Observe 1 min of rest between sessions.

3. Arm beats

Why ? Tone the chest, shoulders and arms.

The exercise : sitting on a chair, back straight, arms at your sides, palms facing outwards: inhale while raising your arms towards the sky to join your hands together. Bring your arms back to the floor on the exhale. 3 sets of 10 repetitions, 1 min of rest between two sessions.

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