Would you still prefer to work with our fitness equipment, but maybe you don’t really know much about it? Then the following tips might help you: First of all, the treadmill or the bike. I guess you’ve come across both of these before … or driven them and are therefore pretty self-explanatory. However, there are many question marks in the air when they hear something about a cross trainer or ergometer . We have a suitable fitness device for every customer. (Thanks at this point to MAXXUS for the good cooperation!)

Cross trainer : Many already have it at home, others hear about it for the first time. The cross trainer, or elliptical trainer, is probably best compared to mountain climbing. Now imagine you have two sticks in your hands and tadaa, the cross trainer. The advantage here is that you are not only training arms or legs. Both areas are used almost equally.

Ergometer : As the word already describes, the ergometer is not only interesting for building up your stamina, but can also be used for ergometry. But what is the difference between an ergometer and a similarly functioning bicycle or speed bike? The main difference is the magnetic brakes. The more current, the more resistance from the brake. More performance is required and can also be seen as a challenge by advanced users.

As a good entry-level model, the treadmill is probably best suited. Because everyone is used to running or walking. But if it should be a bit more intense, you can also get on the saddle and start pedaling.

If you are interested in cardio training and you might want to try something new, we will be happy to create your cardio training plan or edit your current one. Our trainers are of course at your side.

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