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Chrononutrition: the 9 golden rules to lose weight quickly

Consuming the right food at the right time, and in the right amount, is the basic principle of chononutrition. To make the method effective, we explain how it works.

The protocol enacted over 30 years ago by Dr Alain Delabos must be followed to the letter. A surprising method which, on many points, goes against current nutritional precepts!

According to chononutrition, any food is beneficial if it is consumed according to our internal biological clock. Thus, according to Dr Alain Delabos, geriatrician, nutritionist and designer of the method in 1986, cheese should be consumed in the morning, meats and starchy food sat noon, the sweet to taste, fish, white meat and green vegetables in the evening. This food reorganization is not the result of chance but it is based on chronobiology (the study of the body’s biological rhythms). To summarize, our organism is regulated like music paper: it secretes hormones and releases enzymes at very specific times of the day, the action of these substances allowing the storage or assimilation of food according to the needs of the ‘organization. Concretely, in the morning, the body needs fuel to recharge its batteries, hence the interest in giving it sugars, fats and proteins. But in the evening, it is better not to overload it, hence the interest in giving it easily digestible foods and avoiding sugary and fatty foods that are not useful to it. Clear, “you have to put the need before the desire, the necessary before the pleasant, but always keeping the notion of pleasure “, formulates Dr Delabos in his book The new illustrated chrononutrition (Hugo edition).

Chrononutrition: an ultra precise diet

However, the implementation is less simple than it seems and the rules to be respected are numerous. Here are the main ones:

. Check his biological state of health : before starting the food reorganization, Dr. Delabos advises to make a complete biological assessment ( cholesterol , triglycerides, ferritin …) in order to make sure that all the organs (liver, kidneys, pancreas…) normally.

. Delete dairy foods : ” Milk is a false friend ,” says Dr. Delabos. ” Not only does it contain a large proportion of lactose, a quick sugar absent from cheese, but it also has growth factors .” Ditto for yogurts and cottage cheese. But you can eat hard or cooked fermented cheeses as well as cream and butter.

. Forget industrial foods : ready-made dishes, packaged breads, dietetic cookies, soups in sachets, sweet sauces like ketchup, soy sauce … are full of additives , so ban them. Chrononutrition advocates a healthy, natural and simply prepared diet.

. Respect the order of meals : each category of food should be eaten when it will be best metabolized by the body. If not, it will assimilate them, certainly, but it will not be able to metabolize them to use them and it will store them. Meals should be taken at fixed times, spacing them at least four hours apart to avoid, again, the risk of fat storage.

. Refer to the typical menu : for breakfast, it’s tea or coffee, cheese, baker’s bread, oil or butter. At lunch, we take 1 meat and 1 starch (+ sauce, spices and condiments). The snack includes 1 protein bar, 1 oilseed (avocado, almond, cashew), 1 fruit or fruit juice or 1 compote. At dinner, we limit ourselves to fish or seafood or white meat, plus cooked or raw vegetables.

. Pay attention to the quantities : for example for cheese, we must eat at least the quantity corresponding in grams to its height in centimeters minus 70! Or 100g for a person measuring 1.70cm. For bread, take an amount equivalent in weight to half that of cheese. Meat side: for a woman, it’s 70g more than its height in cm, so if we measure 1.70cm, we consume 240g …

. Love meat : it is the main food of the diet! In case of big hunger, it is the share of meat that must be increased, never that of starchy foods. According to Dr. Delabos, “red meat is not bad for health provided you do not eat it at night”.

Chrononutrition: a sweet snack is more than allowed

. Take a snack : this is a moment not to be overlooked because it allows the body to compensate for the energy spent during the afternoon. It will also allow you to have a light dinner, or even not to have dinner if you are not hungry. Especially not commercial cereal bars that contain up to 55% sugars! We prefer a bar or sachet based on tryptophan (protein from milk). We also put on vegetable fat ( avocado , hazelnuts, almonds …) or dark chocolate with more than 53% cocoa but never more than twice a week, and not at all in case of excess cholesterol. 1 fruit is allowed (except bananas) or a compote, chestnut cream…

. Have fun : you can allow yourself 1 or 2 festive meals per week, excluding the prohibitions which are final, and in this case you remove the snack.

Chrononutrition: the limits of the diet

Impossible to state all the rules as they are numerous and ultra precise, hence the difficulty of following the method in the long term. This requires a real will and to completely review your habits. If the method is good: eat a variety of meals, at fixed times, banish industrial products, have fun …, the quantities of meat or cheese seem disproportionate and not at all in tune with the times. As for the way of defining the quantities, that leaves a little perplexed …

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