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Do you miss competitions? The magic of running events …

With sunshine and an outside temperature of 8 ° C, I stand in Staten Island, at the foot of the Verazzano-Narrows-Bridge, in the midst of thousands of people. Together we are waiting for the start of the largest marathon in the world, the New York City Marathon. The fact that I’m standing here with so many other running enthusiasts from over 125 countries is just as overwhelming as the thought that in a few moments I’ll be running a 42.195 km. Before my eyes I see the massive bridge on the way to Brooklyn and a little further away, the skyscrapers of Manhattan and that’s where my destination for today is. A minute later, at 10:20 a.m., the starting gun is fired and I make myself to the sound of Frank Sinatra’s hymn New York, New York on the way … I already feel a deep gratitude – one of my lifelong dreams is coming true.

Running events have a very special magic. One reason for this is that there is no other sport besides running in which an everyday athlete can compete with the best in the world, where he can face the absolute world elite. Apart from that, the main thing you can do is measure yourself against yourself – and that’s where the real appeal lies.

Why is it so motivating to participate in running events for your entire life?

  1. Your individual goal
    When you register for a running event, even if it is months in the future, you set yourself your personal goal that you are working towards. In order to achieve this goal, you accept the effort.

Why do we set goals at all?
The obvious reason is to get there, of course, but the truth is, it’s more about becoming the person who can get there.

We set ourselves a goal that challenges us. Would we set ourselves this goal if it didn’t challenge and stimulate us in some way or if we could easily master it now? Probably not – because where would the challenge be that drives us?

It is best to set yourself a goal that seems (difficult) to achieve for you at the moment, but can be achieved easily in the future with a little training, such as: B. your first 5 or 10 km run. A goal that makes you doubt something at first, the thought of execution, but positively stimulates and spurs you.

What is the difference between hobby running and preparation for a race? You usually pursue a hobby when you have the time and the inclination. You enjoy it and create a wonderful balance to everyday life and if you don’t go running, it’s not a problem either.

Running events have a very special atmosphere and attraction. You can find out here how you can use this atmosphere for yourself.

But if you register for a 5 km run, you have a clear goal in mind that you have to prepare for. You divide yourself into fixed training units and you are aware that it is important to adhere to them. Just skipping a few units can mean that the target time may not be achieved. Of course, you can always approach your training more ambitiously and, for example, hire a running trainer or coach to prepare and guide you.

Goals motivate and let you train systematically and consistently. With a clear goal in mind, you paint pictures in your head that show what it looks like to achieve that goal. When you tackle this run, this is your moment all alone – it’s all about you and your goal.

I myself always wanted to run a marathon once in my life. At the time I had no idea what it felt like to run such a long distance, but the very thought of it was something very mystical. In 2001 the time had come: I ran my first marathon, the Vienna City Marathon, and I still clearly remember the large arc with the inscription “1 km to the finish”. At that moment, I was so emotionally overwhelmed that I came to tears. At that point, I knew for sure that I would definitely finish this run.

The New York City Marathon 2018 was also a goal that I spent months preparing for and then, at the beginning of November, I would fulfill another lifelong dream. Even now I am still proud and moved that I have achieved these goals. Setting goals and working towards them move mountains!

Running events have a very special atmosphere and attraction. You can find out here how you can use this atmosphere for yourself.

  1. Motivating atmosphere
    The atmosphere at a race is incomparable. It is impossible to simulate this mood during a training session: the tingling sensation that you feel when you are at the start with hundreds or even thousands of other people, the motivating music that you absorb and of course the voice of the moderator who puts you in the prepared for your start in the last few minutes. Even the worst weather cannot spoil your mood right now: there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. What sounds like a superficial saying is undoubtedly true.

The biggest marathon party in the world is undoubtedly in the city that never sleeps. What awaited me in the Big Apple was indescribable and unprecedented. The whole of New York was in a state of emergency in the days before and after the major event, she was simply in marathon fever. Around 2.5 million people lined the route during the run. Music bands, street musicians or even a church choir sprayed a good atmosphere on every corner. To be able to witness this sporting event was magical and unique.

One of the largest marathons in Europe is the Vienna City Marathon in Austria. Since last year I have been able to accompany the runners as a moderator in their last minutes before the start, prepare, build up and motivate them. For me it is always something very special to capture the multifaceted emotions and sensations of the participants, which I can empathize with based on my own experiences.

Every year I enjoy taking part in the 5 km long “Vienna Night Run” with around 20,000 other participants. The run goes around the historic Vienna Ringstrasse and the running time is around 15 minutes for the fastest and the slower ones can do it in around einer of an hour. But the duration is irrelevant, because it’s all about having fun, being there and motivating to move around together.

What I would like to give you on the way: Even if you are not a born runner, the main thing is to motivate yourself to achieve your goal, to face the challenge with yourself and to push yourself to your limits . Of course, this is easier to do in this unique competitive atmosphere, with an atmosphere that supports you in achieving your goal.

Running events have a very special atmosphere and attraction. You can find out here how you can use this atmosphere for yourself.

  1. Grow beyond your own limits
    Taking part in a real race is undoubtedly different from running ordinary training laps. A race pushes you and gives you wings – so you mobilize another 10% during the run. The moment you put your start number on your shirt, everything changes. At that moment you are no longer a hobby runner, but a competitor and part of something bigger than yourself.

Before taking part in the NYC marathon, I spent months visualizing my finish in Central Park, watching YouTube videos so that I could better imagine and internalize it in my mind. That created even more discipline and motivation in me and then actually being allowed to stand on the starting line in New York gave me the ultimate boost.

Fun and joy should not be neglected despite the fighting spirit, so I recommend you: Enjoy this moment, you will remember it forever.

The great thing about it is: You don’t torture yourself because someone else tells you to and you have to torture yourself because of him. You torment yourself because you have asked yourself to achieve your goal – because this fulfillment of your goal gives you much more in the long term than the pain in this moment.

So what are you waiting for now? Find out about the next running events in your area and register, no matter whether 5 or 10 km or the big marathon, the main thing is that you take the first step.

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