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Drunk yoga, the unusual trend to relax

In New York, a Yoga teacher offers a class of a new kind: participants practice while enjoying a glass of wine.

She is a yoga teacher like no other. Eli Walker, a 29-year-old barmaid turned wellness guru, is famous for inventing a new practice in New York in the United States: “Drunk Yoga®”, translating ” Alcoholic Yoga “. Born in 2017, the idea is simple: follow the postures for 45 minutes while sipping a glass of wine .

The concept goes even further: classes are held not in a gym or studio but in bars , cafes, office spaces, or ” unconventional places ,” says the website.

Democratize Yoga

” The Drunk Yoga® revolution was born from my desire to bring Yoga, self-confidence and sharing to yogis and beginners ,” says Eli Walker on the site. We abandon perfectionism, reduce the pressure on practice and turn yoga into a party . “

By offering courses in places less strict than studios and offering one to two glasses of alcohol per session, the Yoga teacher invites participants to release the pressure and dare to immerse themselves in the practice.

And the success is such that fifteen instructors joined the program in New York, California and even Italy where a retreat was organized.

Negative effects for the muscles

If the idea is based on good intentions, remember that alcohol, even in small quantities, is not associated with physical activity. According to the New York Post quoting the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), alcohol consumption can lead to sports injuries : it affects cognitive function, balance, motor control and slows the healing process of injuries related to sport.

But not only. According to New Zealand researchers whose study was published in Sports Medicine in 2014, alcohol can also impact muscles that can no longer consume glucose and lose energy. The endurance of the athlete is less. In addition, the practitioner burns fewer calories during exercise and consumes a drink that can put on weight .

Conclusion? Drunk Yoga® is a far cry from the philosophy that accompanies Yoga practice that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Yoga ‘pure’ alone brings relaxation and letting go: no need during the exercises to ask for help with a glass of wine.

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