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Elliptical trainer: how to use it to lose weight?

Calorie expenditure thanks to cardio work, solicitation of the calves, thighs and glutes to refine the silhouette … The elliptical trainer, in the gym or at home, is a physical activity that helps you lose weight. Discover the coach’s advice to lose weight with the elliptical trainer.

The elliptical trainer is a cardio- type machine (intended for cardio training). It is practiced standing, it allows to reproduce the movement of the running , while having the feet in permanent contact with the “pedals / cleats”.

It is a must in sports halls , which can also be found for sale for individuals who would like to have this home sports machine.

What are the benefits of the elliptical trainer?

The elliptical trainer allows you to work on endurance like cycling , running or even rowing for example. Its benefits are multiple, both for health, well-being and body shape :

  • It helps strengthen the heart and lungs, by stressing the heart and respiratory system.
  • It is excellent against stress : like any physical activity, it allows you to let off steam and therefore reduce stress
  • He is an ally in the quest for weight loss , helping to burn calories and working out a lot of muscles

What parts of the body does the elliptical trainer work?

The elliptical trainer will allow you to work essentially the lower body, thighs , calves and glutes , because it is the mechanical action of the legs (and partially the arms) that will allow the movement to be carried out.

Cycling elliptical regularly is therefore ideal for strengthening the body, especially the lower body , and obtaining a refined and harmonious silhouette .

Does the elliptical trainer make you lose weight?

Riding an elliptical trainer allows us to expend energy and therefore burn calories . The advantage of the cardio training work that we do with the elliptical trainer for example, is that it allows you to burn a lot of calories (depending on the intensity of the exercise and the level of the practitioner), unlike a simple muscle building job .

The desired effect when you want to lose weight is to burn more calories than what you eat. Conversely, if we spend little or no calories compared to what we eat, we gain weight . Cycling elliptical several times a week, and combining this physical activity with a balanced diet will indeed help you lose weight.

Be careful, however, not to banish muscle building exercises, which will help tone the body and improve the appearance of the silhouette!

How to elliptical trainer to lose weight?

Adjust the intensity of the exercises

To optimize your sessions on an elliptical trainer with a view to losing weight, you should adapt the exercises according to your level: the exercise should not be too simple or too difficult, as this can lead to lower motivation, especially among beginners.

“What we offer in our gym is to adapt the exercise according to the perceived effort of the practitioner. For example, on a duration of 20 minutes of elliptical trainer we ask our members about a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being a very easy effort and 10 an effort of maximum difficulty) to note your effort. Ideally, you should be on a slightly hard effort (6 out of 10) for a beginner, see a little more if it is a regular practitioner. Of course the regularity in the practice of the elliptical trainer will be just as important! “, explains Guillem Sanz, Sports Coach Keep Cool Arcueil.

Favor short sessions

Note that to obtain results, the duration of the sessions will depend on the level of practice and the intensity of the exercise. Exercising elliptical at a high intensity, and generally a rather short session will be recommended, unlike a moderate intensity which will require a longer session.

  • A beginner can, at first, leave on a moderate intensity, during a session of 20 minutes to 30 minutes (without warming up ).
  • A person who is used to practicing, can rather opt for intermittent work, that is to say alternate a moderate intensity with a high intensity or very high for a session time of 10 minutes to 20 minutes (without heating ).

But again, it all depends on the level and physical shape of the person. If you want to lose weight and get thinner, do not hesitate to ask a sports coach for advice, in order to establish a training plan according to his level and to change the time and intensity of the exercises so progressive.

Choose a fun physical activity in addition

All sports can help you lose weight, because any physical activity allows you to expend energy. But what really matters is to practice a sport that you like: because the more you like what you do, the more you will be regular, and the better the results will be. In the gym, you can complete your elliptical bike session with treadmills , rowing machine , group lessons, or weight training . Outside, swimming , cycling, or any other practice will benefit your figure!

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