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endermologie®, THE proven slimming technique

If new slimming techniques continue to develop, there is however an effective solution developed in 1986 and which has never been dethroned …

30 years of slimming expertise

Developed by LPG® over 30 years ago, Cellu M6® technology uses mechanical stimulation to drain the body and destock fat. This technique, available from physiotherapists, beauty salons or spas, has been perfected over the years, in order to obtain faster and visible results from the 3rd session. It allows to treat localized fats and cellulite in a natural and painless way.

Safe, non-invasive, it is practiced by the expert hands of physiotherapists or estheticians, after a complete and precise assessment. Endermologie treatments stimulate the tissues to boost lipolysis and firm the skin. They also help revive circulatory exchanges, in order to smooth the dimples and drain excess liquids.

A gentle technique

Who said you had to suffer to be beautiful? Quite the contrary. Despite its effectiveness, Cellu M6 Alliance® is never painful and does not cause bruising or other side effects. Its head combines a roller, motorized valves and sequential suction to revive the physiological mechanisms of the skin and defibrose the fatty tissue. The three movements are performed at the same time, which makes the treatment three times more effective. Indeed, a single session acts like three sessions of a previous generation. The protocol remains very pleasant: a real moment of relaxation, as relaxing as a well-being massage.

Proven results

If women are won over by the effects of endermologie®, it is not only word of mouth that has made it successful. Indeed, the effectiveness of this technique has been proven by numerous scientific studies. A study carried out by Dermscan in 2016 showed that in just 3 sessions, the capitons faded. And that after 12 sessions, the waist size could be reduced by 5.2 cm. For a global treatment, the benefits of the sessions can be optimized with the use of an endermologie® cosmetic slimming treatment targeted according to your needs. The LPG anti-dimpling complex or the Lipo-reducing gel LPG for example.

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