Sports are becoming more and more important these days and, above all, more and more modern. It’s becoming more and more of a trend to go to the gym and take cool reflections after a workout. But why do we even do sport? Most people answer this question with the simple reason of having a good body, showing muscles and losing weight. But there are so many more and, above all, more important points about doing sport than β€œjust” looking good!


A lot of exercise and sport gives our body a good immune system! The body works better for us in everyday life. When you exercise, your heart works faster and your body begins to pump more blood through your vessels, which stimulates your circulation. Your body begins to toil and can therefore also perform more and better in other situations, of course! If you now repeat this regularly, your body can carry out this process more quickly and thus get your body back to functioning more quickly in stressful situations or in the event of illness, without it having a strong influence on you and your performance.

Just a light sporting activity exposes certain stimuli and these help the body fight the potentially harmful cells and prevent new ones. That alone is the reason why people with colds and sick people are often told to do more sport and not be so lazy. Maybe you have even said or been told that to someone before.πŸ˜‰

In general, this reason for doing a lot of sport is actually the most important one. After all, to be fit at some point in old age, to look younger than you actually are and to be more flexible than some others is a mega feeling! And in order to do that at the age of 60, you have to work on it now and ensure a good immune system!


We all know this feeling after exercising. Ready and ready, sore muscles and sweaty! This feeling is what motivates many to exercise! Because then you can say: “Yes, I was hardworking and did something for myself”. This is exactly when the end of the day is best and you can switch off really well.

That’s another reason why regular exercise is so important. You can put your body to sleep and recover much faster. Our body temperature increases during training and immediately afterwards we come to the starting temperature. This is exactly the point where our body signals to us: now is time to sleep.


You always feel good after exercising!


Not only our bodies, our brains too. In order to be fit and fast in your head even at the age of 60 and over, you have to train yourself, and that is even possible with our sport. We cannot cure diseases like Alzheimer’s, but we can still prevent aging and, above all, train the gray cells. Above all, however, through sport and sufficient exercise, one can train the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for the transmission of content from short to long-term memory. Because through physical movement and activity, cell growth is particularly stimulated and our body keeps supplying us with new brain cells, which automatically enables our brain to work better.


One thing that many certainly struggle with is everyday stress. Whether from work, in the family or at university, we humans allow a lot of stress into our bodies and do not even think about what we are actually doing to ourselves.

To reduce or even avoid this stress, the best and most sensible thing to do is exercise. During the training, the head can simply switch off and concentrate only on the exercise and the energy in the training group. Stress hormones that can put a lot of strain on you, such as adrenaline and cortisol, are broken down more quickly. The body and soul can relax better and the stress is only a minor matter.

With this reduction in stress, happiness can only come by itself. But sport makes us humans even more relaxed and, above all, happier. To feel happy, we need dopamine. With age, this substance in the brain decreases, which also lowers our mood and thus slows down motion sequences. Exercise is the best way to replenish your dopamine store! πŸ™‚In addition, we must not forget that sport above all increases our self-esteem extremely and practically sweats out our worries and doubts.

Many studies have shown that sport and physical exertion can ensure this and reduce stress. And before you go crazy with your thoughts at home after a stressful day at work, the better alternative is to go to sport, to work out and to clear your head through social contacts and casual conversations!πŸ™‚

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