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Flat stomach: 3 exercises to learn how to do your abs

Doing sit-ups can be learned! The goal? Avoid pain and strengthen this area to get a flat stomach. To achieve this, some tips are more effective than others. Our sports coach Julie Ferrez teaches us how to do his abdominals in 3 exercises.

Each time, it’s the same thing when doing sets of abs , you always end up having back pain. To avoid this pain while effectively strengthening this area, it is essential to know the right gestures and the right postures. And to do this, a little anatomical reminder is needed!

Our sports coach Julie Ferrez compares the body to a house: “To have a flat stomach, you have to have a solid house: a roof, therefore low shoulders, shoulder blades that slide along the spine to be able to open your rib cage. . Then, you have four walls: the obliques (right and left) the great right ones (the chocolate bar) and finally the lumbars.We end with the anatomical floor: this is the perineum , which is inserted between the tailbone and pubis (…) When you do your abs well, this house, you will lock it, ”she explains.

How to do your abs in 3 exercises?

To lock your body properly and avoid suffering while doing abdominals, our sports coach offers three simple and effective exercises. The goal is to strengthen this area without pain, to obtain a firm and flat stomach.

  • Exercise 1

Lie on your back, lift your shoulders , keep your stomach tucked in and respect your lumbar curvature. Bring both legs up, straighten your arms out in front of you, and do small arm kicks up and down. All this without forgetting to inhale and exhale! These are hypopressive abdominals, a method that helps strengthen deep muscles.

  • Exercise 2

Still in a seated position, imagine that your heels are screwed into the floor. Stretch your arms out in front of you and inhale. As you breathe out, imagine pulling a rope to descend vertebrae after vertebrae. While lying on your back, inhale and extend your arms above your head. Then, exhale as you stretch your arms towards the ceiling and come back up to return to a seated position.

  • Exercise 3

Remain seated and position your knees against your chest while lifting your feet off the ground. The ideal? Make sure your shins are parallel to the ground. Hold this position for about 30 seconds.

Julie Ferrez recommends performing these exercises three times a week. “You will no longer have back pain, a sculpted silhouette and the smile to have a flat stomach”, she concludes.

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