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Flat stomach diet: the best recipes to deflate quickly

To deflate without a strict diet, you must favor foods that do not ferment in the colon and enrich its menus with digestive flavors. Elisa Cloteau, dietician, has designed a truly tasty anti-bulking diet for you.

Bloating, stomach ache, constipation… When the intestines get irritated easily, it is sometimes necessary to limit the food sources of gluten, lactose or Fodmaps , this family of carbohydrates which ferment in the colon . Besides these undesirable, small gestures also help in many cases to make peace with his belly. In the diet designed by Elisa Cloteau, dietician in Pornichet and Nantes, and creator of espace-bouger.com, no cabbage, or onion …, but broccoli puree to “break” the fibers .

Dried vegetables are preferred in soups (creamy lentils with cumin). And we also favor vegetable juices (porridge with hazelnut milk, dessert with coconut milk …) and sheep cheeses, also foods rich in ferments good for the microbiota (lacto-fermented vegetables, pollen …). The expert also advises to boost omega 3 (certain oils, herring, lamb’s lettuce, egg or “Blue White Heart” meat…) to reduce inflammation and intestinal permeability, to flavor her recipes with digestive ingredients (fennel seeds in a packet of fish, rosemary on a meat, star anise in a cooked pear …) and drink sweet infusions (thyme, lemon balm …). So many simple reflexes to adopt to lose belly!

Monday :

. Breakfast: sweet chai (Yogi Tea, anise mixture, fennel, licorice, etc.), oatmeal porridge (30 g) with hazelnut milk, diced pears.

. Lunch: roasted chicken leg with sweet paprika, quinoa (50 g cooked) with small vegetables (150 g), Japanese pearls in coconut milk, red fruit coulis

. Dinner: Nordic salad: 1 potato, sweet herring fillet (100 g), lamb’s lettuce, beetroot, lemon / dill yogurt sauce, applesauce with no added sugar

Tuesday :

. Breakfast: light coffee, sourdough bread (50 g) + 10 g of “Bleu Blanc Coeur” butter, 1 slice of ham or 1 egg

. Lunch: coleslow carrots and black radish (100 g), beef parmentier (100 g), broccoli puree (250 g) + 1 tsp. to s. 15% cream or vegetable cream, 30g of rustic or semi-wholemeal bread or multi-grain, fresh fruit salad with orange blossom

. Dinner: creamy lentil soup with cumin, fresh goat cheese (40 g) + 1 fig, green salad + 1 tsp. to s. vinaigrette

Wednesday :

. Breakfast: infusion of rosemary, fromage blanc with chia seeds, muesli and kiwi

. Lunch: green parsley omelette, chives (2 eggs) + 40g of bread, endive with walnuts (150g) + 1 tablespoon of dressing, hot oat milk chocolate (1 small bowl)

. Dinner: rice cake with carrot / fennel curry, lacto-fermented vegetables (1 small bowl) + 1 tsp. to s. oil + 15g of bread, ½ mango


. Breakfast: honey thyme infusion, flax seed yogurt cake

. Lunch: kiwifruit celeriac verrine (100 g) + 1 tsp. to c. of oil, lemon and turmeric turkey skewer (150 g), rice (50 g cooked) and shiitake mushrooms + 1 tsp. to c. oil, sheep’s milk (30 g)

. Dinner: vegetable and hummus dip (30 g), polenta gratin (100 g cooked) and ratatouille (150 g), mixed greens + 1 tsp. to s. of vinaigrette, pan-fried fruit skewer with cinnamon

Friday :

. Breakfast: green tea, chestnut flour pancake, ricotta and maple syrup

. Lunch: full salad: buckwheat , grilled squash, diced tofu, raw mushrooms, lamb’s lettuce, cashews + 1 tsp. to s. of vinaigrette, faisselle + 1 tsp. to c. honey

. Dinner: Soba pasta soup, fresh fruit salad with peppermint

Saturday :

. Breakfast: banana smoothie, oat bran and fresh pollen + 2 squares of dark chocolate

. Lunch: crumble of autumn ricotta vegetables, with chestnut flour, 2 soft-boiled eggs + 30g of bread, pear cooked in star anise

. Dinner: cod papillote with fennel seeds, orange fennel (150 g) + 1 tsp. to s. of oil + 30 g of bread, clafoutis with prunes in almond milk

Sunday :

. Breakfast: kombucha (fermented tea good for the flora) with lemon balm, 4 slices of Buckwheat Flower Bread + ½ crushed avocado

. Lunch: grated carrots with dates (100 g) + 1 tsp. to s. oil, rabbit with rosemary, sweet potato puree (150 g), verrine of fromage blanc + 1 tbsp. psyllium, speculos breadcrumbs

. Dinner: creamy pumpkin soup with ginger (1 bowl), vegetable flan with tofu, green salad + 1 tsp. tablespoons of dressing + 30 g of bread, slice of fresh pineapple

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