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Glutes: 3 super-effective exercises to do with a rubber band

What if you multiply the effects of your glute training session by using a rubber band? Our sports coach Julie Ferrez offers you 3 exercises to strengthen this area with this fitness accessory.

Squats, lunges, leg lifts … To strengthen your buttocks, many exercises have already proven their effectiveness. To intensify their effects casually, an accessory is particularly useful: the elastic .

Also known as “elastiband”, it has many advantages. Among them ? It is easy to use, inexpensive, does not take up space and is very efficient. Just that ! Made of fabric or rubber, elastic comes in various forms. There are thus different models, different thicknesses and different levels of resistance.

To fully benefit from the positive effects of this accessory and promote muscle building , you should choose the elastic that best suits your level. The goal ? Perform the exercises with a certain amount of resistance to strain the muscles even more.

But to achieve this, you still need to know how to use the elastic! Our sports coach Julie Ferrez gives her advice as well as three effective exercises to strengthen your glutes with this fitness accessory. To make them only a mat and an elastic are necessary!

Elastic: 3 exercises to strengthen the buttocks
Exercise 1
Slip the elastic around your ankles, put one foot in front and the other behind, then bend the supporting leg. Place your hands on your waist or in front of you to keep your balance. You should then raise the heel of the back leg as high as possible 15 to 20 times in a row. Then perform the same movement on the other side.

Exercise 2
Place the elastic at your knees. Lower down, bending your legs as if you were doing a squat, before taking three or four steps to the side and turning the toe outward. Then perform the same movement on the other side, all 10 to 20 times.

Exercise 3
Sit on a mat and pull the elastic up to your knees. Lie on your back with your legs bent. Extend your arms at your sides, bring your heels together with your fingers, and spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Then raise the glutes, then come back down, without touching the ground. When you have completed 20 reps, stay on top and do 20 small knee openings before releasing.

To get results and sculpt your glutes quickly, Julie Ferrez recommends performing these exercises about three times a week.

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