Health sport is a big trend and is not only becoming more and more popular in Germany. On average, society is getting older. That is why it is becoming more and more important to stay fit and healthy into old age. So let’s go to Here, do something for your health!


The back muscles support your entire upper body. It protects your spine and ensures its great mobility (the back muscles). The back is also an indicator of your well-being. It is not without reason that one speaks of someone “with a backbone” or someone who “hunched over”. Because emotional states are also noticeable there. This is why people are increasingly relying on psychological approaches to pain in the back, such as “resetting” the pain memory through positive reinforcements.

If you are in a great mood and self-confident, you will certainly run with an upright spine. If you’re in a bad mood or emotionally hurt, it looks different for most people. In addition, back problems are the number 1 widespread disease in Germany. People are simply not made for long periods of sitting in the office. Our ancestors 20,000 years ago walked up to 25 kilometers a day. They also had to.

Nowadays, many people try to avoid any movement (by car to the bakery 5 minutes away, escalators, etc.). However, anatomically, humans have hardly changed in the last millennia. So it’s no wonder that the body doesn’t participate. Especially when you consider that most people are muscularly underdeveloped compared to our ancestors. Of course, strong muscles can take loads much more easily. It is therefore no wonder that there is a connection between weak muscles in the back area and back pain.

Health sport

Fitness model Oxana also strengthens her back with regular training!


Not only back pain is a thing of the past with regular exercise! Many of our customers can report this firsthand, because we strengthen your back with our training plans. But not only that! Health sport in the form of strength training is the perfect prophylaxis against all diseases that are related to the bones (e.g. osteoporosis). Your bones store more calcium through training and bone density increases. Of course, this also prevents broken bones! Strength training improves insulin sensitivity in diabetes, so you don’t need to inject as much insulin as a person affected. You can therefore prevent diabetes perfectly, as strength training has a positive effect on your insulin balance. You can also prevent common social diseases. Even mental health problems can be avoided with exercise. You strengthen your self-confidence and release happiness hormones! You can reduce stress or tolerate it better with training, because stress can also cause or promote diseases!

Take a look at our course schedule, there you can really work off with spinning or relax with yoga, for example! You will get rid of stress either way in any of our many courses! 🙂However, I understand that we currently only allow a maximum of 12 participants per course to protect our customers! This is how we try to protect you from being infected with the COVID-19!


For acute illnesses (which you hardly get through your regular training 😉) you should of course take a break from training. Otherwise, if you have a cold or something similar, you only run the risk of your symptoms getting worse. Of course, given the current corona situation, you should stay at home if you have acute symptoms! Your body needs its energy to fight the disease and you don’t infect anyone. But regardless of Corona, it looks different with injuries. Logically, it also depends on the type of injury. In general, you shouldn’t exercise during the inflammatory phase of an injury. This manifests itself as redness, heat, restricted mobility, swelling or pain in the area. Depending on how severe or how many of these signs occur, the inflammation is more severe or lighter.

Anyone who has ever had an injury knows how important subsequent training is. Rehabilitation training begins very early after the injury, initially to prevent muscle breakdown in the affected area.

The problem, however, is that the health insurance companies pay for rehab, but this is almost always far too short. This is why subsequent support in a health-oriented fitness studio with qualified trainers is all the more important. Our team of trainers in Here is perfect for this. We have the necessary know-how for a tailor-made program that protects against new injuries and makes you fit for everyday life again.


Sport makes you productive! If you don’t move all day and just slouch on the sofa, you feel lazy afterwards and don’t want to do anything more. However, if you do exercise, you will feel more active afterwards. Studies show that regular exercise makes you more productive!

Sport also reduces stress! Whether cardio on the treadmill, one of our courses or weightlifting, you will feel fresh and good afterwards. It’s true, exercise breaks down stress hormones. Science also confirms this.

Sport strengthens your self-confidence. If you do sport, you feel good on the inside and of course you also carry it outwards. This is also independent of your level of training.

Exercise is also great for your brain. Cell growth in the hippocampus is stimulated by movement. This is the part of your brain that is responsible for learning!

Exercise is one of the best sleep aids. You sleep better and deeper, and of course more restful.

The bottom line is that exercise is the best way to do your body and mind a huge favor. 🙂

Incidentally, you also release a lot of happiness hormones during exercise!

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