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Help ! I am Skinny Fat, what should I do?

“I’m not overweight but I’m flabby”, yes well you are skinny fat.

Skinny Fat: what is it?

Skinny fat refers to people (men or women) who appear thin and have a theoretically normal BMI (Body Mass Index) but whose body composition reveals a greater fat mass for too little muscle mass.

Thus, on the scale, the weight of a skinny fat is very often reasonable when based on the usual standards, while in fact this individual is far from being “healthy”.

It is therefore a matter of working to improve the ratio between the rate of dry mass and fat mass.

Why is it important to improve your body composition? Well, because being skinny fat or “Metabolically Obese” to use the expression used in English-speaking medical literature carries serious health risks.

It can increase the risk of diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, high blood sugar, hypertension and many more.

How to cure it?

Knowing how to improve your body composition starts with understanding how we got there.

Generally, the sedentary lifestyle, combining insufficient physical activity (in particular the lack of muscle building), with an inadequate diet, rich in processed products are the main factors responsible for this situation.

It also happens that this is due to the fact of having followed too restrictive diets, low in protein for too long, with a sporting activity mainly composed of cardiovascular exercises.

Basically, to remedy this situation you have to lose fat and gain muscle. But not only !

You have to review your whole lifestyle

To improve your body composition, you will need to act on several areas of your life. These include:

.Your physical activity: this must be regular and structured, consisting of cardiovascular exercises but above all muscle strengthening through a program well suited to help you gain muscle mass.

Your diet: to reduce body fat and gain muscle, eat a diet that focuses on unprocessed foods, proteins and fibers.

.Your quality of sleep and stress management.

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