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Help, I’m hungry all the time!

It is normal to feel a little munchies from time to time, to be hungry all the time much less.

Do you work hard to keep your figure and are afraid that your efforts will go up in smoke from overeating?

Here are the main reasons that could explain this annoying phenomenon.

You are not eating enough protein

Proteins play an important role in controlling appetite.

Ghrelin (aka “the hunger hormone”) is a hormone produced in your stomach and secreted when it is empty. In short, it sends a signal to your brain to be hungry.

A diet rich in protein increases satiety and decreases hunger by reducing ghrelin levels.

This is because circulating ghrelin concentrations decrease more sharply in response to proteins and carbohydrates rather than lipids.

Thus, you will frequently be hungry if your meals are devoid of protein.

If you haven’t already, I invite you to check out my Turkey Burger with Onion Chutney recipe for an excellent protein intake while reducing the amount of fat.

You have bad eating habits

I see more and more people these days eating while using their phones or computers and let me tell you, I find it maddening.

The time you allocate to your meals should be an integral part of your daily life if you do not want to harm your health, especially when you are athletic.

If you eat while distracted or if your meals are rushed, your body will have a harder time recognizing when you are full.

I often recommend that my clients apply these techniques for mindful eating:

Allow some time to finish your meal.

Include sips of water between bites.

Chew well.

Put your fork down between bites.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What does the dish you eat taste like? 

Do you like its texture?

Is it at the right temperature?

Does it meet your needs?

A conscious diet can not only help you feel full, but you will also stay longer so.

You sleep poorly or not enough and are stressed

Getting enough sleep is not only necessary, but above all very beneficial for health.

Do you remember the nasty ghrelin that makes us hungry? She has a nemesis in the person of leptin, also known as the “satiety hormone”.

Well imagine that a good night’s sleep ensures adequate levels of leptin thus promoting the feeling of satiety.

Excessive hunger can also be a symptom of a health problem like diabetes, depression, or just PMS.

In addition, anxiety promotes hunger. When you are stressed, your body secretes a large amount of cortisol (aka “stress hormone”), which has the effect of stimulating your appetite .

You are not drinking enough water

It was proven in a study by Physiology & Behavior that we often confuse hunger and thirst because our hypothalamus regulates both in the same way.

This is why, in my article titled Water Promotes Weight Loss , I advise you to always hydrate yourself before a meal or when you feel a little hungry. This will give you more control over the amount of food you eat next.

But beware ! This does not mean that you have to mask your hunger with water, if after a glass of water the hunger persists, it is probably true. In this case, choose a snack that is high in protein to keep you full longer.

You do too much sport 

People who exercise at high intensity or for long periods of time on a regular basis tend to have greater appetites and faster metabolisms.

If you change your sports program, exercise more, at higher intensities, or for longer durations, your appetite will likely increase as your body burns more calories than it is used to. .

In summary

Constant hunger is often the result of an inadequate diet or a poor lifestyle.

Changes in life can also lead to increased energy needs and increased appetite. For example, pregnancy, recovery after childbirth, breastfeeding.

If your hunger persists after following all of the tips above, it would be a good idea to see a doctor to find out more

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