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How to combine cardio and strength training in your sessions?

One of the first questions some people ask before starting their workout is: “cardio or bodybuilding first?” ” If you are one of these people, that’s great today I will help you answer this question.

The real question:

In order to be able to decide whether to start with cardio or strengthening, the first thing to determine is rather your goal. Indeed, if you seek to gain muscle strength and you start by exhausting yourself on the treadmill, you will inevitably have to reduce the intensity of the rest of your strengthening session.

The TRUE question, therefore, is rather WHAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF MY SESSION?

Here is, in summary, what will help you decide how you should start your session:

1- Objective: to improve cardiovascular health

Organization of the session  : cardio comes before weight training

Why? So as not to tire your muscles before starting cardiovascular effort. This would reduce your endurance and also increase the risk of injury.

2- Objective: develop strength (volume)

Organization of the session : cardio comes after weight training

Why? Because you need all your energy to lift the loads correctly, at more frequencies and without risking injury.

3- Objective: lose weight

Organization of the session  : cardio comes after weight training

Why? Doing cardio after weight training also helps burn more fat during the first 15 minutes of cardio training after weight training.

The importance of the training program:

Your session goal is only part of your final physical goal; Remember that it is important to follow a program that is globally adapted to your needs and objectives and to be disciplined and patient! Now that everything is clear, you can finally take full advantage of your favorite exercises correctly placed in your session; they may even seem easier and more beneficial to you.

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