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How to get toned arms?

Do you find your arms flabby and lacking in strength? The arm area is often problematic as the fat there can be stubborn.

Today I will give you a comprehensive list of tips and exercises to strengthen your arm muscles.

Lose weight
To successfully see a certain muscle definition in the arms or elsewhere, you need several things. Among them, fat loss. This therefore requires reviewing your calorie intake downwards and your energy expenditure upwards. In one sentence:

Eat less, burn more!

Here I want to make it clear that it is not possible to lose fat in a particular area by only performing exercises specific to that part of the body. Fat loss will be achieved globally by combining training with a suitable diet. Then, you will need to stimulate the muscles you are trying to develop through specific strengthening exercises.

Do specific exercises
Exercises that target your biceps and triceps are important for building more shapely arms. That said, know that we work the arms in a multitude of exercises without necessarily being aware of it. So tell yourself that by following a general sports program you should see a certain toning of the arms being done before even having recourse to specific exercises. But for more results, it will be necessary to include exercises of elbow flexion (for the biceps) and elbow extension for the triceps.

Try to exercise these muscles at least twice a week, and work on doing more reps and sets with each exercise as you build your strength.

Here is an example of a bicep exercise to include in your program (you can do it with dumbbells):

Here is an example of a triceps exercise to include in your program:

I also leave you here a series of very effective exercises that you can perform with the extremely versatile and practical LAMISS FITNESS .

Adapt your nutrition
While the right exercises are important in building firmer, stronger arms, you can’t ignore your nutritional needs. To promote muscle growth, you should also focus on eating the right foods.

More protein
Protein promotes muscle growth and speeds recovery between workouts.
Feel free to take a look at my article “ Why is protein important? ”To know which foods to target.

Enough calories
Make sure you are getting enough calories from the foods you eat. If your calorie intake is too low, you probably won’t see results with your arm strengthening workouts.

Less refined carbohydrates
Refined carbohydrates are carbohydrates that have undergone processing, resulting in an end product that is lower in key vitamins and minerals.
Typically, refined carbohydrates are high in calories but low in fiber, causing blood sugar to rise faster and inducing hunger, which of course doesn’t suit us.
Examples of refined carbs that often lack nutrients include pasta, white bread, breakfast cereals, and other prepackaged ingredients.
Instead, prefer whole grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, barley, oats etc.

Good hydration
Drinking plenty of water can prove to be a crucial part of your fat loss goal. It was proven in a study by Physiology & Behavior that we often confuse hunger and thirst because our hypothalamus regulates both in the same way. This is why, in my article titled Water Promotes Weight Loss , I advise you to always hydrate yourself before a meal or when you feel a little hungry. This will give you more control over the amount of food you eat next.

Good quality of sleep

Along with making changes to your diet and exercise program, getting enough sleep each night is another important factor to consider in reaching your goal. Not getting enough sleep can increase hunger and slow weight loss. Several studies have shown that a good night’s sleep helps ensure adequate levels of leptin thus promoting the feeling of fullness.

Try to set a regular sleep schedule by trying to get to bed at the same time every day. To do this, avoid distractions before bed and minimize your intake of stimulants like nicotine and caffeine.

In summary
In addition to performing targeted exercise, changing your diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the keys to good body composition.

Try to make these changes into your daily routine and you will soon see your efforts pay off.

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