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“If I can do it …” – 10 stories from beginners

At the start of every runner course here with me, it’s actually always the same.

There is skepticism. And this skepticism mixes with motivation and fear to create a strange mélange.

Too often too many have failed because of their running training plans . And too many only signed up because they could try (again). After all, it doesn’t cost anything …

From 0 to 5km – the running plan for beginners
Do you want to run regularly but don’t know how?

You tried again and again, but failed to run for even a few minutes at a time?

Do you dream of finally running 5km and that without walking breaks and without getting out of breath?

Then register for the online running course free of charge
In 8 weeks I will accompany you to your first 5km.
Every week you will receive a training plan with additional tips
In a closed Facebook group, the participants motivate each other.
The next course starts on February 27, 2021 . Register now and don’t miss the start.

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And if you’re honest, it would be good if jogging worked for you permanently, right? It would certainly not harm your well-being and the Libra is also happy about one or the other relief.

This time everything will be different
Now I could make you promises that everything will be different with my courses. They are much better and more successful than anything else you can find anywhere on the web or in books. But that’s not true (or only partially) and the bitter truth is that in my courses you can lace up your running shoes yourself and you have to motivate yourself for the most part.

Sure, there is a Facebook group with the other participants for the course. This also works wonderfully if you actively participate in the group. But sometimes, yes, sometimes that doesn’t help either. And motivational videos may not suit your taste either.

But maybe you like to read. Namely motivating stories from beginners who once stood at the same point as you. And you get exactly these stories here and today.

I asked the participants of my last running courses as well as the “Finally more sport” community about their running stories and the result :

10 stories from beginner runners
My 15 tips for beginners
Anke Kennedy:

Up until about 1.5 years ago I was an absolute sports enthusiast for almost 49 years, that started with sports at school and continued through my life, apart from cycling a bit, of course only short distances, or riding a motorcycle, unfortunately also rather seldom, due to the job and kids.

1.5 years ago, however, I had the inspiration that the menopause was beginning, a feeling of dizziness now and then normal, tiredness … which is part of it, I knew that now I had to change something, somehow. During this time, our on-site gym opened, so I went, the registration was signed quickly, the first few minutes, maybe 10 minutes on the cross trainer, were terrible, I would have liked to quit after 5 minutes of very slow walking.

But this was also a sign that something must happen. I HAVE to stick with it, I also saw how my father died at 53 and my mother at 62. Both heavy smokers and motionless. I had already exchanged smoking for my vapor 10 years ago.

So my motivation for starting sports was to live longer than my parents, and still have a lot of time with my children and hopefully grandchildren at some point.

I improved my stamina and stamina with at least 20 minutes on the cross trainer or treadmill to warm up before pumping. Units of 45 minutes also worked at some point. To distract myself from the time, I watched some movies on YouTube. Actually worked quite well.

What helped me here was being distracted by various films or series. Would recommend to any beginner starting out indoors.

At some point the time came, which really surprised me with my past, because something is missing if for some reason I cannot do sports.

So I think it’s advisable to do sport regularly. It also clears your mind and the feeling after the units is simply brilliant.

What annoyed me over time, what the cardio in Fitti for at least 45 minutes, laaaaaannnnnggggwwwweeeeiiiilllliiiiggggg … .. So gladly shortened or skipped, against better knowledge ….

And then Corona … my Fitti closed … And after 2 weeks my husband says to me that I am totally unbalanced, hopefully the place will open again.

I then did the 1st walking session with my daughter, on the one hand it was fun, on the other hand, my daughter is 30 years younger, has never smoked, and therefore a bit fitter than me, so I felt quite old than her marched quite lightly through the forest and I gasped alongside, keeping the speed….

My recommendation, you better start alone and don’t try to keep up with much younger people who are “unsmokers” …

The Fittis then opened again, so I continued with my regular training, but the current plan had no cardio for more than 10 minutes on the plan.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I had this forest walk, which was actually great and not as boring as the “big” cardio units on the tape. And somehow the long cardio unit feels good, dizziness etc. are as good as gone (during the 1st lock-down I noticed how it sometimes came back when I stopped doing the sport), maybe just try again?

In addition, a running unit does not require traveling to and from, which saves time and has to be quickly plugged in when there is not enough time for the Fitti.

Headphones on, music on, and off you go, by feeling

And it was really nice, the running is more strenuous but also nicer than on the belt, of course more walking breaks than anything else, but it doesn’t matter …

I made a probably typical beginner’s mistake, ordered running shoes from the Internet, never again without testing them first. Went back, of course, but already failed on the treadmill.

Shortly after that, I stumbled across yours from 0 to 5 K, this is the plan I’m currently working on,

However, the early darkness and the unlit paths here are annoying at the moment, but with a lot of potholes. So that I can really only walk until dusk if I come home early. Whereby it is the case that I put on my running clothes without thinking about it.

And then I catch myself watching running tip videos on YouTube instead of a book in the bathtub, or listening to your podcasts instead of music while cooking and cleaning up

My tips for beginners:

If you look for “negative” role models, I don’t want to be or end
App on the phone to see the improvements
Create regularity
Buy nice, functional sports gear that you want to wear
It is very important to protect your neck at this time of the year, and really get your clothes off at home.
Buy running shoes, good running shoes in a specialist shop (by the way, especially for women of my age, important, have the orthopedic surgeon checked, as the ligaments, soft tissues etc. may change with the menopause), possibly also in a good running shoe store or orthopedic store.
Treat yourself to a good podcast or favorite music on the go
First run alone to set your own pace and do not compare yourself to others, there is always someone who is better to move on faster …
Run plans at your own pace, everyone is different, I run every step until I get through well without puffing. It takes longer, especially since a slight cold (because you didn’t move quickly) quickly throws you off the plan, but it doesn’t matter, the journey is the goal
Get applause, sometimes I post my runs on my FB page, and every like is great, or the amazed comments from relatives.
So far, every oncoming runner has given me a friendly greeting, whether in my eyes he was floating completely stress-free or if I belonged to the tomato snail team. Enjoy the feeling of belonging.
Look for an alternative running route in the light that is a little lighted.
I also think the virtual runs like Running Against Cancer or the Wings for Life are great, and my 5 K also contribute
Get to grips with the topic, tips make you want to try them out
If you drive 5 km by car, that’s quite a stretch that you may have just covered yesterday, even with breaks to walk
best regards

And thank you for your motivation


It works with the right equipment
Monika Melzer:

Hello Torsten, I think it’s a great thing with the testimonials to motivate others to run. I’ve already tried to start myself, but completely haphazardly and without proper equipment. So I gave up again quickly.

But somehow that worried me a lot. My husband kept improving and I couldn’t manage it. Then in August 2019 I discovered your course “from 0 to 5 km in 8 weeks” and thought to myself: “Why not? You may find it easier in the community and with a plan. “

So the first training started at the beginning of September and I was done. Then I told my husband about it too. He’s off with me to buy decent shoes and running shorts that I’m properly equipped. I still had to overcome myself for the first units, but then I noticed that I was looking forward to the new email with the training units more and more and the feedback from the Facebook group was also encouraging.

Then my husband got the idea to register us for a run in October. At first I was skeptical, but then I thought again: “Why not? I have nothing to lose and being there is everything !!! ”So it went to the start and I ran my first 5 km without a break!

I was so proud of my first medal. By the end of 2019 I had managed to run 10 km and consolidate it. In 2020 I did a 10 km run and a 15 km run (virtual because of Corona). I ran my first half marathon in July and was proud of how far I had made it. None of this would have been possible without your course. Thank you for offering it and for motivating us again and again, be it through podcasts or encouraging emails.

Greetings Moni

From running is stupid to running is great
Maren Gressak:

Sports, and especially running, were absolutely unthinkable for me, almost 3.5 years ago.

I always screamed the loudest when it came to complaining about something like that and cracking stupid jokes. So how did I manage to stay tuned? By just tricking myself.

My plan was never to run a marathon or a half, not even a 10 km run at the beginning … I stumbled across Torsten’s 8 week course and just wanted to prove to myself that I could hold out for at least 8 weeks.

No more and no less. That was the deal with my weaker self.

8 weeks are a foreseeable time. The light at the end of the tunnel can be seen almost from the start … And that’s exactly what helped me a lot, especially in weeks 3 and 4 of the training plan. There I had my absolute lowest point. The running intervals increased significantly and I felt like throwing up more and more. Normally, this would have been the time when I would have ditched everything and the subject of running would have been deleted from my vocabulary.

But now my mantra came into play: “Only 5 weeks left. Only 4 weeks left. Only x training units left. “

That kind of made me hold out. But I was still determined to throw my running shoes in the corner at the end of the 8 weeks and to take them out again for a dog walk at the most.

Well, what can I say … The fun or rather the pride came along sometime in week 6 or 7. So far I hadn’t run particularly fast or particularly far, but I had already achieved so much more than I had ever thought possible. Probably least of all myself.

And that was the famous beginning of the end. No, not the end of running as originally planned, but the end of my jokes about runners. After that I wanted to prove to myself that I can somehow manage the 10 km. But really only 10. That’s enough …

Ok, a half marathon would be really cool. But really only once!

Hmmm, maybe try the 10 km in under 60 minutes? Ok, that’s enough now. But such a half marathon in less than 2 hours would be nice on your résumé? And so it went on and on.

Now I mostly enjoy running. There are always days when it’s still more of a torture. But it is precisely in these that pride comes out again. Proud to have found something that I’ve been through for a long time. On good days, but also on bad days. Through which I was able to get to know new friends and acquaintances whom I would no longer want to miss.

There have been some ups and downs in the past 3.5 years. Successes, “failures” (or rather an offended ego because the goals I set myself were simply too ambitious), injury breaks, comebacks, amazement at my body’s ability to perform and suffer, etc. But I don’t want to give up all of this anymore. Even if it sounds a little too dramatic, running has already (positively) changed me and will continue to do so. Because the marathon plan is ready … But only once, then it’s over. Maybe.

Just try it out! … and even if you realize that it might not be for you after all, there is some kind of movement out there that you enjoy & shows you completely new sides of yourself!

Reach your goal at a comfortable pace
Janet Voigt:

Hello, I learned to walk with the help of my neighbor. To me: I am 1.65 and weigh 96 kg (I’m working on it). We started with short interval runs. And then made the intervals larger until I made my first kilometer. Then we increased it to 2 and 3 km.

Unfortunately, she then moved away and I was on my own. At first I fell back into walking, but then I missed walking inside. So I started running alone again. And only the 3 km and I increased again and again. Then I wanted to run faster and faster, but I quickly realized that it wasn’t good for my joints. I was sad and wanted to give up, but I haven’t. Finally, I have now found my comfortable pace and manage to run 3 days a week. I also achieved my big goal, the 10 km, this summer.

With common motivation, it works better
Sina Hanisch:

My experience with the course from “0 to 5 km in 8 weeks”: What is the best way to start? With my history? I was in the Bundeswehr and therefore “had to” run a lot, whether I wanted to or not. In fact, I actually enjoyed it at some point and I also trained with a group of runners after work, it should be at least a half marathon at some point. Unfortunately, for various reasons, it did not come to this and my “running career” ended with marriage and having children. (You know, no time and such …)

After 10 years I tripped over my old running shoes while mucking out. The memories came back, so put your clothes on and off we went. About 400 m. After that I had to brake, I almost got through my lungs … and decided for myself that I am too old to run.

Again almost 10 years passed. I am now 43 and how I got the idea to register when I found the advertisement for the course, I don’t know exactly. BUT it was free. There was nothing to lose …

Right at the beginning there was a live video with Torsten and at some point he said that only a fraction managed to hold the course and run the 5 km at the end. This aroused my ambition. Should the others please stop, but not me! In addition, we have great colleagues here in the FB group who all motivate each other. Now it was time to start the training plan. 2 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking alternately sounds like Pillepalle … 2 minutes of running can be quite long, but we have a goal in mind and it was also said that it would be fun at some point. When will the fun come again? For me it wasn’t in the first few weeks. Really not. It was always about persevering and waiting for Mrs. Runkeeper to announce the slow interval.

At some point we were already at 7 minutes running and 4 minutes walking. Suddenly it came … in the second run interval it was now said that the unit was on, but I was so good at it. The music was good and I felt like someone was holding me back. What a feeling. I actually used the walking break to look forward to the next running interval.

My favorite girls from the running course, we meanwhile also had our own Whatsapp group, of course celebrated my joy with me afterwards. From now on, running was really fun, it still is and we girls still motivate each other every day. I have my 3 days running firmly in the calendar and am now annoyed when I have to postpone a unit.

We all ran our 5 km, stay tuned and I also dug up my dream of the half marathon again … At some point, that would be nice …

From walking in the dark to walking in the light
Tanja Schmedes:

Hello, I started your course in January 2018. My husband has been running regularly for years and I was also excited because you can start right from home. You don’t have to go anywhere and you are not tied to any time. In 2018 I still had 25 kg more on my ribs. I was happy that it was winter when I started and that I could run in the dark. I was still embarrassed when I was seen walking in the village. When I was able to run for 15 minutes at a time, I dared to walk through the village in the light.

After the 5 course I added the 10 course. I ran my 1st 10th on my 40th birthday. A week later I broke my toe and then the hot summer came and I was out. In December 2018, I changed my diet and started running again.

Now 25 kg are gone and I still walk. In August I was just before the half marathon (my goal for 2020). Unfortunately, I suffered an overload on the Achilles tendon while on vacation. I am happy that I can run 7 km again without feeling pain afterwards. I’m going to do the half marathon again in 2021. Thank you for your great course. Without him I would never have become a runner. This is my time just for me.

Banish the bastard from the head

I started your course from 0 to 5 km in March 2020 because I was not allowed to go to work due to Corona. I’ve never been a fan of running, but I just wanted to try it out. After 4 weeks I was able to run the 5 km. Over the course of the weeks, I’ve always motivated myself, sometimes a kilometer more, sometimes a little faster.

I quickly got the bastard out of my head.

I loved running and had set myself the goal of running a half marathon one day. In September the time had come. It went so well in the morning I didn’t want to stop walking. After 21.2 km I finished my run beaming with joy. Since then I have been running my 21.2 km regularly every 3 weeks. Today I can no longer imagine that I said in February that everything was just not going well.

Thank you very much Torsten for the great and easy introduction to running.

I follow your podcasts with great enthusiasm.

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