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Immunity, anxiety, weight gain … 10 pro tips to manage well after confinement

Anxiety, insomnia, stress of “return to normal”, fear of the virus, questions about the future … The period of confinement, then the end of confinement are sources of stress for most of us. Vitamins, minerals, food, gentle methods: Valérie Espinasse, micronutritionist, gives us the keys to boost our immunity, relieve our anxieties, and help us eliminate the pounds gained in recent weeks.

After weeks of confinement , set up last March to deal with the spread of the Covid-19 virus , it is now time to think about the future . The end of confinement , which will start in France on Monday 11 May, can be synonymous with stress , anxiety , but also exposure to the risk of transmission of the virus , and the desire to regain control after a long period to let go of food and physical activity .

Out of containment: strengthening your immune system to protect yourself from the virus
Who says deconfinement, says risk of circulation of the Covid-19 virus. To prepare your body for different viruses, you boost your immune system by pampering your microbiota .

“In the prevention of Covid 19, as with so many other pathologies, it is essential to improve its intestinal flora by eating non-industrial quality food and by cures of probiotics , prebiotics or symbiotics according to your needs . “ , Warns Valérie Espinasse, micronutritionist.

On the food side too, we can act, by eliminating from our plates ultra-processed foods and industrial preparations, which have no nutritional interest and which, on the contrary, will ultimately weaken our health.

Finally, micronutrition, for its part, prevents deficiencies and strengthens its immunity . Two contributions can be interesting for this period of deconfinement:

A cure of liposomal vitamin C (500 mg per day)
A vitamin D cure (5 drops, of natural origin, per day)
Stress, anxiety, insomnia …: we take care of ourselves!
Anxiety, insomnia , fear of the virus and the future … The current situation is a source of stress for the majority of French people. To prepare for the best after, and gradually resume our activities serenely, it is important to listen to yourself, to take care of yourself, of your morale.

Performing daily relaxation and breathing exercises , trying sophrology or meditation , and planning yoga sessions , will be a real plus, to learn how to manage stress and emotions in the weeks to come.

Turning to micronutrition as an accompaniment is also a good idea. Certain vitamin or mineral cures will help support the mind and will have an effect on stress and mood:

vitamin C
vitamin D
omega 3 …
Consulting a micronutrion specialist is the best way to be supported in choosing the cure based on your needs.

Losing weight: how to eliminate the pounds gained during confinement?
Reduce your alcohol consumption
To decompress, mark the end of the week, and accompany aperitifs by videoconference that allow you to maintain a social bond during confinement, alcohol consumption has increased in many homes. And it is not worth remembering that the number of calories in alcoholic drinks is important! Reducing alcohol consumption is therefore necessary to lose weight. Limiting yourself to just one glass of alcohol, twice a week is a good start, as Valérie Espinasse suggests.

yourself If you do not already do so, drinking 1.5 liters of water a day allows the body to maintain good hydration . Prefer still water, which you can flavor if you wish (with mint leaves, cucumber slices, lemon slices …). And consume without moderation infusions, from morning to evening, which do not contain theine.

Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast provides the body with all the energy it needs to optimize concentration , vitality , it must be well thought out.

Thus, we will opt for example for a salty breakfast:

Coffee or tea (sugar free)
A slice of black bread with a little vegetable margarine without palm oil
Ham or goat cheese
Or a sweet breakfast:

Coffee or tea (sugar free)
Soy yogurt
A fresh seasonal fruit
10 almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts
Prepare a balanced lunch and dinner

For lunch, too, the idea is to vary and balance the plate. The ideal is to have:

An animal protein (preferably white meat or fish)
A serving of raw or steamed seasonal vegetables
A portion of starchy foods ( quinoa or lentils for example)
For dinner, we will think about integrating:

A portion of raw or cooked vegetables
Soup or avocado
A portion of protein of animal or vegetable origin ( tofu , soy steak …)
And also, we put in place good habits:

Limit the consumption of pastries (have fun anyway, on weekends for example)
Anticipate snacking , providing a healthy snack ( almonds , walnuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.)
Ban industrial and processed foods from your shopping basket

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