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Jogging: 6 mistakes to avoid when running

Running on an empty stomach, a day after a party, every day or keeping the same routine … Here are the 6 mistakes to avoid when running.

Keep the same routine

Every Sunday at the same time, you take the same path tirelessly. This sporting routine is reassuring and suitable for beginners. But for those who want to progress, fight boredom, run faster and / or faster, we must avoid repeating the same sessions.

Changing the type of race avoids monotony and offers the possibility to progress , both by working endurance but also muscle building . To do this, we first vary the speed: we can opt for the basic endurance, but also for the improvement of the running time over 10 km, or the split to cause the heart and burn fat faster. For example, make 30 seconds of acceleration at 20km / h and 30 seconds at 10km / h, and repeat ten times, which is ten minutes of running.

You can also vary the terrain, run in ribs, on sand to strengthen muscles, on grass to cushion shocks, or on the asphalt to work its speed.

Running too often

Running is a sport that can be traumatic for the body especially if you start. Fatigue, impact on the knees but also hips … The joints are very stressed . At first, it is better not to run more than three times a week , and always leave at least 48 hours between sessions.

Forget the warm up

Before running, we often do not warm up . But it’s just as important before a run! It helps to get in shape mentally , focus on the upcoming session and prepare the body for a more intense effort . To do this, we start by running at a very slow pace, the goal being not to run out before even starting.

Then, we practice some stretching by focusing on muscle groups (calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, back muscles …), and we heat the joints by making buttocks, knees, as well as not hunted on each side. Before starting the warm-up you can also run in a straight line over a hundred meters at a progressive pace.

Wear bad shoes

When we run, the shock created at each stride can reach up to four times our weight , and it is the joints that clink. It is therefore essential to choose a pair of sneakers adapted to our foot, with good cushioning. Multiple details are taken into account in the choice of his pair of shoes: the favorite terrain, the pace of the race, the stride if you practice the race in competition or just for fun …

Want to run on an empty stomach

When one plays sports on an empty stomach , the body has little or no carbohydrates. To produce energy to run, the body draws on what is left, that is to say in carbohydrates and stored fat. That’s why fasting sports are said to burn more fat .

However, this practice is not recommended for beginners . The risk is hypoglycemia, when there is not enough sugars circulating in the blood, causing fainting and nausea.

Jogging with the hangover

Hard awakening ? It is accompanied by headaches, muscle aches, nausea, vertigo and even sensitivity to light and most importantly, you would be ready to empty the Atlantic Ocean as you are thirsty? The diagnosis is quickly established: you had partying yesterday and have abused alcohol. For you, the only way to get better is to put on your sneakers and go running.

Fault ! In hangover, “we can do sports but low intensity, short of breathlessness” indicates in a previous article Dr. Marc Rozenblat, sports doctor. The practice of the race is intense and solicits the whole body, it must be 100% ready for the effort. But here, after a drunken evening, there is an alcohol intoxication, the liver is disturbed. The body has the priority of eliminating metabolic waste. The risk: accentuated hangover symptoms , injuries such as muscle , joint, ligament, sprain or tendon injury.

In case of intoxication the day before, it is better to wait 24 hours or even 48 hours to redo intense sport.

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