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Jogging: running every day, good or bad idea?

In small doses once a day, or a big hour once a week, when is it better to indulge in our running exercise? Answer with a sports doctor.

It is 18h, the time to take the transport to return from work. Once home, it is often the same story: impossible to find the energy needed to leave the time of a jog (even 20-30 minutes). Never mind, the exercise is postponed to this weekend. Is it serious doctor ? “No,” says Marc Rozenblat , sports doctor and president of the national union of sports health doctors. “Although … it depends on the expected results” . Explanations.

What does the WHO say?

Marc Rozenblat is categorical. To be in good health, we rely on the recommendations of WHO. For adults between the ages of 18 and 64, the body recommends that at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity endurance activity or at least 75 minutes of endurance activity be performed during the week. supported “. That is, roughly 30 minutes of physical activity a day minimum, plus about an hour a week.

That’s the basic recommendations. Namely, physical activity includes recreation, travel (eg walking or cycling ), housework, play activities, sports or planned exercise, in the daily, family or community context.

Jogging: yes, but how fast?

For the rest, whether the sport is done in one fell swoop, during a long jog in the forest on weekends, for example, or that it is divided in time, and realized a little every day, divided between in the morning, afternoon and evening, “it does not matter,” he says. “What is suggested to city dwellers, for example, is to leave one or two metro stations earlier from their destination . ” What is already 10 minutes walk, or sports. Go, more than 20 minutes to find in the day.

But that’s for those who just want to keep fit. If the purpose of the exercise in question is to lose weight , the longer sessions should be preferred, rather than the short sessions of less than 45 minutes. And for good reason “the metabolism of fat is activated only from 45 minutes of physical effort” , describes Marc Rozenblat.

Jogging, yes but not that …

“Running causes mini-traumatisms in the knees and hips” , we avoid to bet ON this activity. Swimming, tennis, cycling … we diversify sports. This is also the best way to work all the muscles of his body.

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