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Ketogenic or low carb diet: the top low-carb vegetables

As part of a ketogenic diet, eating vegetables is essential. However, some are more recommended than others! And for good reason: it is advisable to favor the least sweet vegetables. Find out which ones are the lowest in carbohydrates.

Reducing your carbohydrate intake for weight loss is the principle of the ketogenic diet . This diet, also called “keto diet” or “low carb”, has another particularity: it focuses on lipids, in other words on what we call “good fats”.

In the program ? Avocado, olive oil or even some cheeses! While these foods often absent from conventional diets can be consumed as part of the ketogenic diet, the consumption of sugar, on the other hand, should be reduced as much as possible. Faced with this low carbohydrate intake , the body produces what is called ketone bodies, which then become a real fuel for the body and thus make it possible to burn fat more easily.

However, it is recommended to seek the advice of a health professional before adopting this diet, because it can lead to deficiencies if not properly followed.

Carbohydrate-rich vegetables to limit on the ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet therefore relies primarily on the consumption of protein and fat . Vegetables are also an integral part of this way of eating, because in addition to being great for your health, they are generally low in carbohydrates!

However, some are sweeter than others, and therefore should be consumed in moderation as part of the ketogenic diet. We think in particular of root vegetables, among which we find carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, beets and parsnips. But what are the most recommended vegetables on the ketogenic diet?

Ketogenic diet: low-carb veggies to go for

There are many vegetables that are featured prominently in the ketogenic diet. Among the most recommended, we find cruciferous vegetables, because they have a low carbohydrate content. Cauliflower, broccoli, turnip or even Brussels sprouts can be eaten as part of the ketogenic diet. The same goes for leafy vegetables, such as endive, lettuce or even spinach . So there is something for everyone!

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