Home Fitness Key to Better Life: Physical Fitness and Healthy Diet!

Key to Better Life: Physical Fitness and Healthy Diet!

You want to start or resume a physical activity seriously. The first step is to choose your place of training – weather you intend to train at home without equipment, at home by investing in some dumbbells or to subscribe to the nearest gym as it is the case for several million people.

Let’s see the plus points of enrolling yourself into a gym:

Quality Equipment in a Gym

The first advantage of a gym is of course the provision of quality equipment that will allow you to perform any type of training. Quality material is important for quality work.

General Motivation and Atmosphere

A gym has a certain atmosphere that pushes you to make the necessary efforts. Group fitness classes, zumba or gluteal abs are the most obvious demonstration! The people next to you give their all, so you go till the end of your session and give everything you have.

Motivated people around you, good ambient music, and enthusiastic coaches with a common goal to move forward and excel on a daily basis are enough to stay motivated! Also registration with your friends or family can be a great asset to not do sports alone and to motivate each other.

Cut Off From The World For 1 Hour: Less Stress!

Joining the gym is also a way to cut you off from the world. Tell yourself that each evening you will go to practice; you will leave all your worries and obligations at the door and will think only of your session. It is scientifically proven that sport helps to fight against stress. Marking a demarcation between the place where you play sports and your home can be an additional tool. Enter your gym with the only idea in mind to give the maximum. You will come out of each session proud of yourself and more relaxed.

Weaving Social Bonds

A gym is finally an opportunity to meet people! Men and women who talk and take care of their bodies, a topic of discussion all have common. Nothing like a gym to meet people of your taste! But if you do not find the big love (why not?), you can especially make friends with whom you have a common passion or a common goal and can count on each other to motivate you, help you and to practice sport in a pleasant atmosphere. This is a real benefit of the gyms as compared to home training.

6 Examples of a Balanced Meal to Lose Weight

To create a well balanced diet plan is not very complicated. It is important to make sure to eat in a sufficiently diversified way to avoid any food deficiency: this means using every day products from each food group (meat and allied foods, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, starchy foods). It is also important to avoid consuming too much fat, sugar and salt: the simplest is to focus as much as possible on home-made dishes, because commercially prepared foods are often too rich in sugars, fats and salt. It is also necessary to adopt cooking without fat (e.g. steaming) and bet on aromatic herbs to raise dishes rather than salt (an excess of salt promotes high blood pressure and water retention).

Balanced Breakfast Choice

Number 1: Too often neglected, breakfast is a very important meal: it is it that allows you to replenish your energy after a good night’s rest. On the menu: tea or coffee (no sugar), fresh fruit for vitamins and mineral salts (e.g. pear, apple), two rusks for fiber and a natural yogurt 0%, source of calcium.

Number 2: A good homemade smoothies (e.g. milk, apple, banana, and pear) provide both calcium and vitamins to the body. Besides, you can also take a bowl of cereals, but you must check the product label. Ideally, breakfast cereals should contain very little sugar and fat, but a lot of fiber (at least 5 g of fiber per 100 g). A non-sweet hot drink (e.g. tea, coffee) can complete this menu.

Balanced Slimming Lunch of Your Choice

Number 1: For a well balanced slimming lunch, raw vegetables are served such as grated carrots. As a main dish, a chicken breast cooked in foil with small vegetables (potatoes and green beans): the chicken is a source of animal protein very interesting as part of a diet, because this meat is low in fat (as long as the chicken is eaten without the skin). In addition, by cooking in foil, you do not have to add fat! You can end this meal with a portion of low-calorie cheese and a homemade fruit salad.

Number 2: For the appetizer, half a grapefruit does the job very well. As a main course a grilled salmon steak accompanied by wholegrain rice and green beans. For dessert, have organic fruits.

Balanced Slimming Dinner of Your Choice

Number 1: You can start with grilled prawns with garlic as a starter and then you can go on with a hot potato and carrot soup, topped with grated cheese. For dessert, you can put on compote of homemade fruit.

Number 2: As a starter, you can prepare a good capriccio of tomatoes and zucchini with a drizzle of olive oil, garnished with a little garlic, a few basil leaves and pieces of feta cheese. In the main dish, a veal escalope (lean meat) accompanied by pasta (without sauce or possibly with a homemade tomato sauce). For dessert, you can take a fresh seasonal fruit.

Drink Side

Side drink, water is certainly your best ally to slim down. Beware, however, of very sweet drinks sold commercially such as sodas, but also fruit juices and nectars, which can contain a lot of added sugars. Alcohol consumption must also be very limited.

On the other hand, you can drink herbal teas, tea and coffee without sugar, or even crack for a light soda from time to time (without overdoing it too, because they maintain the taste for sugar).

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