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Master Cleanse: what is this juice-based detox diet that promises weight loss in 10 days?

Adopted by Beyonce or Gwyneth Paltrow, the Master Cleanse diet allows you to lose weight quickly, but not without risks. Deficiencies, yoyo effect and frustration also accompany this controversial “detox program”.

The Master Cleanse diet, also called ” lemonade diet ” is a program called “detox”, which aims to purify the body and lose weight. Entirely based on the consumption of a very specific drink to make yourself, it does not allow any solid food.

To adopt it, just consume a mixture of water, fresh lemon juice , cayenne pepper and maple syrup 6 to 12 times a day for ten days … and nothing else, or almost.

This particularly restrictive program also requires swallowing each morning a mixture called “saltwater flush”, consisting of a liter of warm water with two teaspoons of non-iodized salt. The stated goal? Eliminate toxins from the colon . The Master Cleanse program also recommends drinking a cup of senna tea every night.

Master Cleanse: deficiencies and side effects
Developed in the 1940s by Stanley Burroughs, and presented in a book soberly titled The Master Cleanse , this diet was adopted by Demi Moore or Beyonce . The singer had tested this program in 2006, to lose weight before the shooting of the film Dreamgirls . If the Master Cleanse had allowed her to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, she had not hesitated to advise against this extreme method.

Gwyneth Paltrow, who also tried this diet, paid for its side effects. “I tried the Master Cleanse, which gave me hallucinations after ten days. Know it: a detox juice cure can crash your metabolism and lead to weight gain in the future,” she confided. at the Telegraph in 2013.

This consequence is not surprising, given the many restrictions inherent in this 100% liquid diet. Proteins, fatty acids , mineral salts… These elements essential to our health are not included in this program: their absence can therefore create deficiencies , themselves at the origin of health problems.

The Master Cleanse diet can lead to “fatigue, dizziness, tremors , fatigue and a lack of mental clarity” , as the American dietitian Gabrielle McGrath explains on the Mindbodygreen site .

Frustration and yoyo effect
The low-calorie aspect of this diet is also problematic: while a woman between 18 and 40 needs 1,800 calories per day , this diet provides only about 1,000 calories.

Result: weight loss is guaranteed, as is frustration and the yoyo effect , since the resumption of a normal diet after 10 days of diet is necessarily followed by weight gain . “It is not sustainable, it does not help you to change your lifestyle permanently, it can lead to muscle loss and it is not a pleasant way to eat,” argues Gabrielle McGrath.

Master Cleanse diet: not really detox?
What about the detox aspect of this diet ? By definition, when organs are healthy, they do not need to be cleaned, as they regenerate on their own. The Master Cleanse diet therefore does not help them function better, unlike the establishment of a balanced diet, which keeps them in good health.

We can never repeat it enough: to lose weight and be in good shape, nothing beats a healthy diet, in which we find fruits, vegetables, proteins and starches. And to avoid taking risks as part of a diet, do not hesitate to seek advice from your doctor or a nutritionist .

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