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Menopause: 5 yoga postures that help you live this period better

Hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain… To deal with the minor inconveniences associated with menopause, yoga is ideal. Here is how to make this gentle practice, accessible to all, an ally to better experience these hormonal changes.

The yoga is a practice that can accompany women throughout their lives. At the time of menopause , where hormonal changes are often accompanied by small inconveniences ( hot flashes , joint pain , fatigue, weight gain …), this gentle practice can be an ally.

Yoga, a real boost during menopause

“Menopause can represent big changes for women, and ultimately, few women really prepare for it, because it is when the first symptoms appear that we try to erase them … However, the more we are prepared, the better we live this transition! ” , says Olivia Lines, yoga teacher for OLYBE.

Usually, from the age of 35, our hormonal system begins to change, and if we can practice gentle physical activity such as yoga, we are more likely to live better with future changes.

The work on the body, the emotional dimension in yoga can be of great help, in particular to cope with the hormonal changes which can be accompanied by certain symptoms .

Moreover, as Olivia Lines reminds us, the more we resist these symptoms, the more we tend to accentuate them, to create resistance in the body. The ideal is therefore to accept them, and find a way to circulate the energy in us, so that everything is more fluid, even the symptoms!

This is why yoga is interesting at the time of menopause. The yoga women , yoga is a specific needs of women, which will combine movement and breathing in phase with hormone yoga.

“If the choice of yoga that we practice is very personal, because it is necessary to go towards something that pleases us, suits us to us, hormonal yoga has the advantage of supporting the hormonal system, by reactivating the ovaries, and other energy centers, such as the thyroid or the adrenal glands, ” explains the yoga teacher.

Also, all meditation or relaxation techniques are strongly recommended to relieve and learn to live better with the symptoms of menopause.

“Yoga nidra, which is practiced lying down, offers deep relaxation and allows the body to regenerate and go to the subconscious, to pinpoint any blockages. Very effective for better living this transition, for make this transition as smooth and easy as possible… “ advises Olivia Lines.

Menopause: 6 tips for better coping with symptoms

  • Listen to each other, try several yoga classes, and find the type of yoga and the teacher that suits us, that makes us want to practice …
  • Test different times at the beginning, and find the time slot that suits us, the “right time for yourself” during the day or the week, that moment when we will really be able to be present at what we are doing (for some, this will be in the morning when you wake up, for others it will be between noon and two to cut off the day, or when going to bed …)
  • In case of intense symptoms, ideally plan 3 yoga sessions per week, to soothe body and mind . Otherwise, once a week already helps support the hormonal system.
  • Take courses according to your availability, and above all, do not feel guilty if you miss a session!
  • Integrate breathing exercises, even very short ones, in your daily life, to maintain the benefits …
  • Realize the child’s posture as soon as you feel you are taken emotionally. Take 2 to 5 minutes in this posture, to reconnect with your inner child.

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