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Minimalism and sport: more enjoyment of movement with less stuff

Minimalism and sport? Does the mantra of minimalism, “less is more”, also apply to sport? Should it suddenly be better to do less sport?

But on the contrary! With the help of minimalism, you make it as easy as possible for yourself when choosing your sport (s), putting together your sports equipment and doing sports. The result: more enjoyment of sport for longer!

What do sports and minimalism have to do with each other?
Minimalism means being happier with less.

For Less include not only material objects, but also obligations, work, social media, stress and all that kind of burden you. Instead, you bring more of that into your life that makes you happy.

For many, these are relationships with other people, time in nature, learning, exercise and sport .

The restriction on the outside leads to a wealth on the inside and releases energies for which physical activity is a great outlet.

Minimalism helps focus on what is really important to you in life. This not only includes an alert mind and living in harmony with your values, but also a healthy body.

Sport makes you happy, increases the quality of life and increases the joy of life .

For me, sport is simply part of a good life.

So if you’ve been sorted out and don’t know what to do with your free time – exercise is the right choice!

Minimalism in sports
Minimalism doesn’t just encourage many to be active in sports.

The principles of minimalism can also be perfectly applied to sport itself.

When looking for your ideal sport , these questions can help you stick with it:

What clothes and equipment do you need?
If you have to buy expensive equipment in order to practice the sport, the threshold may be too high to be sporty today.

Do you depend on devices, studios and opening times?
This is an important factor, especially in times of pandemic. The easier you can do the sport at home, the better. This is how you arm yourself for difficult times.

Can you only practice the sport at certain times of the year?
When I first met my boyfriend, the only sport he did was snowboarding. He did this devotedly for seven days each year – for the remaining 348 days he was lazy.

To start with, choose a sport that you can do all year round.

Can you do the sport while traveling?
You can recognize minimalist sports by the fact that you can do them on the go and while traveling. Self-weight exercises in the tiny hotel room, yoga at the airport – and you can run anywhere anyway!

Minimalism and sport – do they go together? How you can use the principles of minimalism to be happier in sports too.

Tips and tricks for more minimalism in sports
Wait to buy
Before you know a sport is really yours, make do with the clothes you already have on. If you need special equipment, you can borrow it or buy it used.

I only bought my own yoga mat after six months of regular yoga practice. If I hadn’t stayed with it, what would I have done with the mat?

Sports bag
I never understood what a gym bag was for, I just use my normal daypack.

The idea is to have a bag with sportswear ready. However, clothes and shoes are sweaty after exercise, so I take them out. I also rinse out the water bottle. I also have to remember to move my wallet, membership card, mouth mask and ribbon from my normal bag to my gym bag. So why not take your handbag with you right away?

Multifunctional items
One of my principles of minimalism is multifunctionality.
With multifunctional objects I kill three birds with one stone: I spend less money, store fewer things in my apartment and when it comes to clothes, I don’t think long about what to wear.

Some examples:

Short sports pants

Can be worn for running, gym and yoga in summer. Also works well as casual beach pants.

Minimal shoes

Barefoot shoes are good for our feet. This is not only due to the thin, soft sole, but above all to the wide toe box, in which the feet finally get the space they need again. Barefoot shoes are great for dancing, weightlifting, hiking, running, and walking. When I travel, I wear barefoot shoes and have my running shoes with me.

Ski jacket

My winter jacket is a ski jacket. This has many advantages: It is warm, wind and rainproof, has a hood – and I don’t need an extra jacket for snowboarding.

Sportscheck : SCHÖFFEL – softshell jacket women *

Cell phone holder

A mobile phone holder for running can also be attached to the bike in a few simple steps.

Cycling gloves

For strength training I use cycling gloves from which I have removed the gel pads. So I have a firm grip and don’t get calluses on my hands.

Minimalism in sports doesn’t just mean choosing a minimalist sport that requires little equipment.

It can also mean not wanting to dance at all weddings and rather doing one thing right than five half-heartedly.

If you want to concentrate fully on a sport, it helps to set specific goals. A goal can be to do yoga four or five times a week, run 10 km in a row, or ride a 80 km bike.

In this way you achieve more than if you go to a yoga class twice a week, jog your regular round through the park on Sundays and occasionally go on a bike tour in summer.

My minimalist sports equipment
Finally, I would like to introduce you to my minimalist sports equipment. Although I do sport five to six days a week, everything I need fits in one drawer (except for the racing bike;)):

T-shirt, two tops, one long and one half-length leggings
For strength training, yoga, running and cycling.
Long-sleeved shirt and light rain jacket
For cycling and running on colder days.
Sports bustier I only need
a bra for running, for yoga and fitness the two sports tops made of somewhat firmer material are sufficient.

Cycling gloves For weightlifting and cycling in cool weather.
Barefoot running shoes
As sneakers, for running and hiking.
Two yoga
towels can be used as beach towels when traveling.
Yoga mat
Racing bike
I have converted a racing bike into a city bike, including a luggage rack, basket and child seat. When it comes down to it, it’s (almost) as fast as a normal racing bike – and I don’t have to worry about two bikes.
Minimalism and Sport: Summary
Minimalism can lead to more sports and vice versa.
If you start a new sport, make sure that you can practice it anywhere, regardless of external circumstances.

Do not invest in high-quality sportswear and equipment until you have stuck with it for a few months and you really enjoy the sport. Use multifunctional and easily combinable items of clothing.
Become a maximalist in the minimal and invest your energy in the sport that fulfills you.

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