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My 3 favorite in-ear headphones for sport, leisure and work

Do you love music while doing sports or do you prefer to listen to audio books or podcasts? And do you use headphones in everyday life? Be it on the train or at home? Or do you talk a lot on the phone with headphones or do you often go to video conferences?

Headphones have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives, and so do I. I actually use four different models depending on the application. All four headphones use Bluetooth technology. Headphones with cables no longer come into my house or are just a stopgap in case I’ve forgotten all the others.

One model, the Bose QuietComfort 35 * are the only over-ear headphones. I primarily use these high-end headphones at home when I want really good sound. Or when traveling, especially on the plane, because it is a great way to filter out ambient noise. A real blessing, especially on long-haul flights, which are currently not in demand.

When doing sports and on the go, I don’t want clunky over-ear headphones, but rather use in-ear headphones that are smaller, more compact and lighter. I would like to introduce you to my three favorite models, all of which I actually use, in this article.

Plantronics Backbeat Fit – the robust long-runner
Let’s start with the mid-range Plantronics Backbeat Fit model . These headphones are already a classic for me. It was my first Bluetooth headphones that I bought in 2014 and only after 4 years of intensive use and certainly around 1000 hours of sports did I have to replace them with a newer model in 2018.

That already shows the great strength of Plantronics – its robustness. The rubberized earphones keep up with every sweaty unit and are absolutely secure. The manufacturer guarantees IPx7 waterproofness. This means that the headphones have to withstand water that is up to one meter deep for at least 30 minutes. I haven’t tested it yet, but I’ve run the Plantronics many times through heavy rain. They have never failed.

The rather unusual rubber band between the headphones also contributes to the robustness. I think that’s practical, because you always have both earphones together and you also save the annoying charging cradle. And the hold is very good thanks to the ear hook and even as a spectacle wearer, this hook does not bother me at all.

You can still hear the surroundings
In terms of sound, you get what you buy – middle class. Due to their design, they do not seal the auricle 100% and that has more advantages than disadvantages in everyday life. You not only hear the music, but also the surroundings and that so clearly that I even use the Plantronics on my bike at times. But then in any case only with an audio book or podcast.

In terms of Bluetooth connectivity, Plantronics has really stepped up over the years. The first generation often had abortions, but this has never happened to me with the new model. And that really means something with my intensive use.

good compromise between sound and listening to the environment
robust and durable
thanks to the temples and tape behind the ears, they hold securely on the head and the glasses don’t bother either
Strong background noise at higher speeds on the bike
Microphone with a lot of background noise, unsuitable for making calls while moving
One size and therefore no adjustable ear cups.
For this I use the Plantronics Backbeat Fit
I still have the Plantronics Backbeat Fit in my ear for about 90% of my runs. Simply because they offer the perfect hold and I mostly listen to podcasts. They are just perfect for that and I can still get enough of the surroundings. I also like to be out and about with headphones here and there on my bike.

OFFERPlantronics BACKBEAT FIT 2100 Bluetooth – Sports Headphones, In-Ear Gray
Plantronics BACKBEAT FIT 2100 Bluetooth – Sports Headphones, In-Ear Gray
Sweat-resistant, waterproof sports headphones (IP57 classified)
Ambient noises are perceived (“Always Aware”)
Bluetooth 5.0 with hands-free calling for calls
Comfortable to carry and a secure fit
Up to 7 hours of listening pleasure after a full charge
EUR −51.89 48.10 EUR
Buy from Amazon
Apple AirPods Pro – excellent lifestyle device for everyday life
I have to admit – over the years I’ve gone from being an Apple opponent to an Apple fanboy. I just didn’t know any better and just saw the price. And that’s crisp with all Apple products.

This is also the case with the Apple AirPods Pro. Almost € 200 in the current street price is a word and yet you see an extremely large number of people walking around with the discreet, but still eye-catching AirPods in everyday life. Like all Apple products, they are a kind of status symbol.

Whether you need that is an open question, but in everyday life the AirPods have become a constant companion for me. I really enjoy using them in video or telephone conferences, for example, because even if you wear the AirPods for hours, they don’t bother you for a second because of their very light weight.

It goes without saying that the AirPods fit easily and simply into the Apple world. In the beginning I also used them with an Android device. That worked well too. The only technical shortcoming is that the AirPods like to lose the connection at least with one of the listeners. If you google the problem, you realize that this is not an isolated case for me.

Noise cancellation and transparency mode – as you like
The biggest plus of the AirPods is the option to switch between active noise cancellation and transparency mode, in which you can perfectly hear your surroundings and your music or language. If you stand in a noisy environment, you can activate the noise suppression and if you want to perceive your surroundings, you switch to transparency mode. The microphone also works really well.

optionally ambient noise with excellent transparency mode or active noise suppression
very small and light, but still rich sound and very good microphone
perfect integration into the Apple world
Now and then one of the listeners fails, making a new connection necessary
no additional hold in the ear, so there is a risk that they slip out of the ear if you sweat a lot
I use the Apple AirPods Pro for this
When it comes to sports, Apple says that the stylish earphones are waterproof and sweat-resistant, but in the small print they put this into perspective with a reference to IPx4 (protection against splashing water on all sides). You can use the AirPods for sports, no question about it. However, it happened to me twice that one of the listeners slipped out of my ear during sweaty training. That’s why the AirPods are only the third choice for me when doing sports. In everyday life and when traveling, however, they are the absolute and unbeaten number 1 – whether on the phone, listening to music or in video conferences.

OFFERApple AirPods Pro
Apple AirPods Pro
Active noise cancellation for immersive sound
Transparency mode to hear your surroundings and to be able to react to them
Soft, conical silicone tips in three sizes for an individual …
Protected from sweat and water
The Adaptive EQ automatically adapts music to the shape of your ear
−70.00 EUR 209.00 EUR
Buy from Amazon
HolyHigh Sports headphones – surprisingly good, but with one drawback
Again and again I read in our “Finally more sport” community that some people asked for cheaper models. I understand, of course, that not every beginner runner wants to spend € 80 and more. And there are a lot of cheap Bluetooth in-ear headphones on the market, but very few are really recommendable.

An exception are the HolyHigh Sports headphones, which are under € 40 street price and which I subjected to a test on a very special recommendation from the community. After all, I want to know exactly what I recommend to my beginners.

The HolyHigh (funny name by the way …) are touted as sports headphones and rightly so. Thanks to the bracket behind the ear, they sit super tight while running and with three different sizes you can also find the right ear tip.

The handling of the initial connection is not that intuitive, but once they are paired, they automatically and reliably establish a connection to the smartphone when they are removed from the charging cradle. They also switch off as soon as you put them back in the charging cradle. A couple of times it didn’t work for me and the headphones stayed active. But you can also switch them off separately (and individually) by pressing the headphones.

In terms of sound, I was pleasantly surprised. The bass comes into its own, the mids (important for podcasts and audio books) are okay. Really good for the price range. The battery life is more than sufficient and the manufacturer promises IPX7, which promises very high water resistance. I didn’t test it, but I think immediately because of the design.

Two small shortcomings of HolyHigh Sports
However, the HolyHigh has two shortcomings for me. The manufacturer calls it “deep immersion in the music”. Translated, this means that you hardly notice anything of your surroundings. The earplugs are too deep in the ear canal for this. Personally, it bothers me when running, but in the gym on the treadmill I can imagine that it is more pleasant. The second shortcoming is related to this. My earplugs pressed a little after an hour of running. But that may be a very subjective feeling.

very good value for money
good hold in and on the ears
reasonable sound
much too close – no surroundings perceptible
oppressive earplugs
Microphone rather useless
I use the HolyHigh Sports headphones for this
The world is off, running shoes and music on – the HolyHigh are perfect for this and I will actually use the HolyHigh for short, quick training sessions in a safe environment. So whenever there are intervals or I feel the need for really loud music while doing sports. Otherwise, you would only have to use one of the two earphones. Certainly an option for me, not for me.

HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphones In Ear Sport IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Headphones Sport Headphones Wireless headphones with premium sound profile / HD microphone / 26 hours of playtime
HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphones In Ear Sport IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Headphones Sport Headphones Wireless headphones with premium sound profile / HD microphone / 26 hours of playtime
【Perfect for sports】 HolyHigh headphones are your …
【Excellent IPX7 Waterproof】 The wireless headphones are compatible with …
【Adequate all-day game time】 Wireless headphones can work with …
【Deep music immersion】 The most advanced Bluetooth 5.0 …
【Intelligent and convenient connection】 The fully automatic system ensures …
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Which in-ear headphones do I recommend for sports and everyday life?
Now you probably won’t be as freak as I am and want multiple headphones. And yet you are sure to ask for a recommendation. If you are only looking for headphones for sports, I would still use the Plantronics. If you want some that you can use anywhere and anytime and that also look good, then the Apple AirPods Pro are the first choice. And finally, sporty bargain hunters reach for the HolyHigh and, if used correctly, they won’t do anything wrong.

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