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Sleeping, stretching … 5 exos to improve my posture and avoid pain

This targeted program strengthens the deep muscles of the back and the abdominal strap, it reduces the risk of pain and adopt a daily posture worthy of a dancer!

Autogrand to tone the lumbar

How to perform this exercise? Sitting on a chair, the back straight, hands on the thighs, palms facing the sky. Inhale, bringing the shoulders back, then exhale while lowering the shoulders, while taking support in the knees. To do 5 times.

The benefits: tones lumbar that protect the back, relieving, momentarily, intervertebral pressures.

The sitting cladding to work the deep muscles

How to perform this exercise? Sitting on a chair, bust forward, back straight. Knees apart the width of one hand, tighten them without moving them, as if a resistance was put between the two. Hold 5 seconds. To do 3 times. Then, spread the knees off the width of the chair, and do the same, creating resistance. Hold 5 seconds.

The benefits: we work the deep muscles of the spine that ensures the cladding of the spine, while avoiding possible joint disruption

Inversion and the board to strengthen the back muscles

How to perform this exercise? On all fours, hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips. Simultaneously, stretch your arms and legs to form a triangle with the floor. Enjoy a few seconds of posture and then, on an inspiration, bring your bust forward, your arms are perpendicular to the ground, your shoulders above your wrists, and the bust parallel to the ground. Hold the position 5 seconds while exhaling and contracting your abs. To realize 5 times.

The benefits: we stretch and strengthen all the back muscles, and we open the shoulders and chest.

Dynamic coordination to solicit the abdominal strap

How to perform this exercise? On all fours, on an exhale, extend your left leg backwards, simultaneously stretching your right arm in front of you. On inspiration, flex your arm and your leg, coming to touch your knee with your elbow. Be sure to keep your head relaxed while looking at the ground during exercise. Do 15 repetitions on each side.

The benefits: it solicits both the back and the abdominal strap, which must remain well sheathed throughout the exercise.

Bust records to solidify his back

How to perform this exercise? The belly resting on a Swiss Ball (big balloon), the basin at the top of the balloon, legs stretched, hooking the ground with your feet to immobilize them. Hands behind your head and elbows open, raise your bust for a “legs-pelvis-trunk” alignment. Be careful not to climb higher to avoid arching your back. Breathe slowly and deeply, keeping the lap belt engaged. Hold the position 30 seconds. To do 3 times.

The benefits: we effectively muscle the back and, as a bonus, it strengthens the glutes!

The opinion of the expert to optimize the benefits

These exercises offer a transverse muscle work, true abdominal belt that ensures good support of the bust and, as a bonus, a flat stomach. This small routine accessible to all, also helps to strengthen the large dorsal, essential to make the back stronger, more resistant and improve the posture of the body daily.

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