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Spirotherapy: 2 exercises to get started with this breath therapy

Spirotherapy, also known as breath therapy, is a therapeutic science of wellness that uses controlled, mindful breathing to soothe both physically and mentally.

Spirotherapy: what does this wellness method consist of?
Breathing exercises

Imagined by Samuel Ganes, spirotherapist, this gentle method, which is for everyone, comes from the culture of yoga , but not only.

The sessions combine pranayama exercises , cardiac coherence , breathing techniques developed to warm the body in the cold (Wim Hof ​​method) …

During a spirotherapy session, you are generally seated, but in some cases you can also be lying down, or even standing. We will associate breathing (diaphragmatic breathing, breathing in movement, meditative breathing…), with movements (with mudras for example, yoga of the fingers ).

Good hygiene in the ENT sphere

Spirotherapy also includes lifestyle reflexes such as nasal showers in the morning, brushing the tongue , etc. The cleaning of the ENT system is, indeed, important in this therapy by the breath, because “in Ayurveda , the nose and the mouth, are the principal entry doors of the metabolism. If this part is clean, the rest follows. It is therefore important to clean these channels regularly so that they do not become dirty, ” explains Samuel Ganes.

Contraindications to know

If the breath therapy is a method open to all, with multiple benefits on the body and the mind certain contraindications are to be known. In case of operation on the respiratory system, or on the stomach (we work a lot with the diaphragm ), always seek the advice of a doctor.

Also, pregnant women, especially during the first months of pregnancy will have to wait a little before getting started.

Breathing exercises: the benefits of spirotherapy
The regular practice of spirotherapy, and the realization of breathing exercises make it possible to permanently change its metabolism, as assures it Samuel Ganes.

Gain vitality in the morning, relax in the evening

The breath therapy offers different possibilities: the morning practice will help to awaken, enliven the body and mind, to start the day off right and shape, and in the evening the contrary, certain exercises will help to relax , soothe internal or physical tensions, and will allow you to sleep better .

Improve the cardiovascular system

The respiratory system is connected to the cardiovascular system: breathing slowly therefore improves cardiovascular functions, and with regularity, this can increase life expectancy , assures the spirotherapist.

Reduce stress

Breathing exercises will have a direct impact on stress levels : conscious breathing will soothe the nervous system at any time of the day. The addiction -related stress, the anxiety , and in some cases alcohol, sugar, monitors, will also be eased with this gentle practice.

Improve intestinal transit

Diaphragmatic breathing, which as its name suggests takes place at the level of the diaphragm is excellent for intestinal transit : the breath that enters and leaves will provide a vigorous massage of the digestive system, and will thus stimulate digestion …

Detoxify by exhaling

Spirotherapy also helps “detoxify” the body. Simply, with deep breaths, we will raise the level of oxygen in the blood, and lower the level of carbon dioxide.

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