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Sport and Nutrition: A Winning Duo to Lose Weight

Sport and weight sometimes seem inseparable, whether it is a person who wants to get into sport to lose a few pounds or an athlete who pays attention to his weight.

In this article we give you some tips to achieve your goals.

The Importance of Weight in Sport

In many disciplines like cycling and running, you have to shift your weight. Also, being overweight promotes the danger of injury, including joint problems. It is therefore sometimes necessary to adapt your diet to maintain or lose weight.

There are also sports based on weight categories such as weightlifting, judo, boxing etc. A few additional grams can lead to category changes or even disqualification. On the contrary, a few grams absent during weighing seriously jeopardize the chances of victory.

Lastly, many young athletes and women put their health at risk to succeed in their discipline. Synchronized gymnastics, dancing, swimming are part of these sports. As aesthetics are essential to these sports, many competitors do not eat enough to stay slim.

Does Sport Change The Taste?

According to hypothesis our energy reserves used during the exercise could affect your taste. But there is no evidence that exercise induces dietary preferences. However, in the longer term, physical activity is associated with a preference for carbohydrates. But we do not know if these changes are determined by psychological or biological reasons. So, getting into sport do not upset eating habits.

Sport Makes You Hungry

If you’ve been to sports lately, do not worry if you eat more even on days when you’re not exercising. Certainly, the regular practice of a sport leads to an increase in the basic metabolism. Basal metabolism is the calorie expenditure of a person at rest in order to maintain the vital functions – the senses, the cardio-respiratory system, the digestive system, etc. It usually accounts for nearly 70% of energy expenditure, averaging 1,200 calories for women and 1,500 calories for men.

But why does sport increase basal metabolism?

The answer is simple – Because physical activity increases muscle mass. Muscles need 8 to 10 times more energy than body fat to function. So you can eat more without getting fat.

Sedentary People Who Start To Play Sports Are Hungry

Physical exercise plays on the blood levels of a hormone (leptin). It is a molecule produced by adipose tissue to signify to the brain that fat stores are at their ideal level. Leptin, once released, causes a feeling of satiety by informing the brain that it is no longer necessary to eat. Sedentary people who rapidly make an extreme effort see their appetite increase.

Does Sport Make You Lose Weight?

Opposing to famous belief, playing sports is not sufficient to lose weight easily. Indeed, sport does not involve large energy expenditure. Jogging at eight kilometers an hour makes you use up about eighty calories per kilometer, or 640 calories in an hour. To lose 1 kilo, you have to run at this pace for 12.5 hours.

However, you cannot lose weight alone with jogging; the sport is a very good ally to do this. Indeed, the exercise allows first of all losing weight in the short term. However, this is hard to evaluate because exercise causes bodily changes and care must be taken not to confuse water loss due to dehydration and weight loss.

There Is a Tendency to Compensate For the Energy Expended

Unfortunately for those who want to lose weight, tend to eat more to offset energy expenditure. This compensation, which can last up to sixteen days, allows you to take back all that we had lost during the exercise. Studies that took place over one or two weeks found that it depends a lot on the people evaluated: some were more “compensating” than others. A number of volunteers did not eat enough to make up for sports expenses as long as they were less than 120 calories a day. Nevertheless this is true in the other direction too: active people who are forced to adopt a sedentary routine do not necessarily reduce their food intake to balance input and energy expenditure.

Do Abs To Lose Belly?

Doing abdominals does not decrease abdominal fat. But doing abs allows you however to reduce all fat reserves and tone your abdominal muscles. And it’s the same for the thighs!

What Type of Sport to Lose Weight?

Want to lose weight through sport? For that you must try to carbide with lipids. The most frequently given advice is that don’t go too fast and run a long time, the lipids are then much more used by the muscles. Indeed, the lower the intensity of exercise, the more the muscles prefers lipids to the detriment of carbohydrates. From forty minutes of effort, the use of lipids is multiplied by 5, which represents 12 to 15 grams of fat per hour of sport against a usual use of 4 grams.

But exercising at too low level does not allow you to spend a lot of energy. The researchers think that one should do intense exercise but not too much to lose weight! The solution that scientists propose is to play sports intermittently. That is to say that you make intense efforts with shorter phases. This strategy provides the benefits of a long and intense effort. For example: instead of running for one hour try to run 2 times for 30 minutes. Therefore, you may burn a smaller amount fat during exercise, but the energy expenditure required to maintain vital functions, the resting metabolism, is increased.

Final Words

Thus, it is rather the continuous and high intensity sessions or the long sessions including peaks of effort at very high intensity that cause the most significant weight loss effect. The correct pace is not always the easiest thing to find, many companies and individuals offer so-called “sports coaching” services. This type of accompaniment, coupled with good eating habits, may well be the winning combination to lose weight in a sustainable way.

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