Many women have little information about the benefits and risks of sports during pregnancy. Fear that the fetus will drop out, that it will cause a miscarriage or even a premature birth, in short, many of you unfortunately prefer to avoid any sporting activity during this period.

However, it is possible to continue or start an activity, and it is even recommended!


Well for several reasons that I have quoted to you below:

  • Improves mood, self-image while improving your energy level,
  • Helps you relax, reduce stress and promote sleep,
  • Improves your muscle tone, your strength, your stamina and gain the weight you need,
  • Reduced risk of blood pressure problems, less back pain and sciatica, less risk of developing diabetes during pregnancy,
  • Helps you increase your stamina for childbirth and recover faster afterwards.

Even the famous post-natal baby blues are more likely to affect mothers who were inactive during pregnancy!


Whether you start or continue physical activity during pregnancy, adapting it is essential.

For non-athletes:

Start with gentle activities like walking or swimming. Start with 10 min and gradually increase the duration of these sessions until you reach around thirty minutes. If you decide to start a sports program, I strongly recommend that you contact a qualified and specialized coach, so that he can concoct a program adapted to your needs. Note that this changes depending on the progress of your pregnancy.

For sportswomen:

It is imperative to lower your goals and your usual standards.

Cardiovascularly, you should be able to converse normally. If you are unable to speak during exercise, slow down. And if you feel tired, rest or skip a day before resuming your activity. The same goes for muscle building, I strongly recommend that you do not use loads exceeding 50% of your maximum strength. Shorten your sessions by limiting them to 30 to 45 minutes and avoid heavy loads. These may put too much strain on your muscles and ligaments.


YES to the sport during the big, on condition of having consulted your doctor, to adapt things correctly and to respect your body. Because the goal is not to exhaust you with too intense activity.

Remember to pay close attention to your breathing and hydration, before, during and after exercise.

Obviously, certain exercises and positions should be avoided or even avoided at certain stages of your pregnancy. It is therefore essential to obtain information from a specialized professional before starting a sports program during your pregnancy.

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