Sport in late summer – Even if nobody thinks about winter now, the days are slowly getting shorter again. Of course everyone now wants to make the most of the last summer days. So a lot outside, barbecuing with friends or off to the swimming lake. But still: don’t neglect your training! Your health and your body thank you!


If you are now wondering how you can keep up with your training in the long term despite the beautiful weather, here are a few tips! Try to take classes to get started. Because these are at fixed times, the “pressure” is greater to overcome your inner weaker self! Registration is very easy via our website! A training partner can also be of great help if you motivate and encourage each other. And hopefully you’ll need a very good excuse to skip training. For this reason, the beginners at here have fixed training dates at the beginning. Staying at it is the most important thing in fitness, this is how you will achieve your goals. Not only sport ensures a firm and defined figure, because your diet makes up the largest part of your success! Nutrition is a relatively complex topic, which is why beginners need a lot of tips and tricks in order to eat healthily and also figure-consciously. Unfortunately, traps lurk everywhere and there is also a lot of half-knowledge about this topic.


The cross trainer is probably the most popular cardio machine in here. It’s no wonder either! The device not only addresses the lower body, but also trains the upper body! This not only doubles the tone, but also burns twice the calories. A tip for all cardio fans: Often you move with too little resistance. Have the courage to raise the level! For women, a setting of 10 and over is recommended, for men of 14 and over, the exception is of course warming up and down, please work with relatively little resistance (4-7). Especially in winter you have to pay attention to your warm-up program, because then you will need longer to warm up. But of course you should also warm up for exercise in late summer.

The treadmill is the classic par excellence. Variable and effective. Professional tip: A small incline on the treadmill is gentler on your joints! Running indoors in the gym is also much easier on the joints than jogging outdoors. The reason for this is the cushioned running surface.

But it is clearly a matter of taste which device you prefer. But the device that you enjoy the most is usually the best for you. Because if you have fun training, you give more power and are motivated to the end! And here, too, the rule applies: any sport is better than no sport. Otherwise, our courses are still the best fat burners! Because with a motivating trainer and the right exercises you will really reach your limits. The pounds melt almost automatically!


You probably know it: If you don’t move for too long and the ceiling feels like falling on your head at home. You feel weak and unmotivated. The good news: with exercise you are fit and motivated! You just have to pull yourself up to move around and do sports even in the current situation! It is worth it! Sport has been proven to make you happy! Not only do you strengthen your self-confidence, but your body also releases happiness hormones. Once you have overcome your weaker self, you will be rewarded with a good mood and better health! Anyone who exercises regularly knows that a long break is not good for your training! Whether strength training or courses or cardio, you always have to stay on the ball to achieve your goals. Your body is a money saver. If he does not see any benefit in your muscles or endurance, then he unfortunately breaks them down again very quickly. That’s why you should exercise regularly now, too. You don’t want to lose your hard-earned progress! Are you sporty and active all year round, do you stay fit and improve, especially in strength or cardio training! If you stick with it, you will achieve your goals! And stay fit and healthy.


The basis for successful self-motivation begins with clear goals. Without clear goals, it is difficult to motivate yourself to do something. Whether for sport in late summer or in professional life! The clearer you formulate your goal, the more tangible it is for you. Of course, your goals should also be realistic and achievable. If you have big or long-term goals, break them down into small and achievable steps! For example, if you want a six-pack, plan to exercise regularly and pay attention to your diet. Think to yourself: Today I train and eat the right thing for my goal!

If you do the right thing every day, you will achieve your goals too! You yourself play a big role in achieving your goals! Your mindset alone can make a huge difference. Instead of wondering if you’re going to workout, ask yourself when! When you ask yourself what brings you closer to your goals, it will be easier for you to choose to exercise over the couch. The same applies to your diet, of course

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