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Sportswear: What Material Do I Choose?

The choice of sportswear involves paying particular attention to the material that constitutes them. The technology makes it possible to make a range of comfortable sportswear that can boost performance. The concept of safety also plays a big role in the development of today’s sportswear.

Smart Textiles Adapted To Sport

Whether running, fitness, sailing or skiing for example, there is a suitable sportswear, designed in a highly innovative technical material.

The new generation technical materials are able to fight against bad odors due to excessive perspiration, to regulate the body temperature, and even to evacuate the heat that the body produces during the intensive practice of a sport.

Others filter the ultraviolet rays, thus constituting a real protection during sports activities performed outdoors. They can also isolate the athlete against low outside temperatures, making the winter sport much more enjoyable.

The fans of the pool have jerseys that enhance their figure with silicone beads. But swimming outfits are also able to reduce friction while making swimmer’s leg and arm movements even more effective.

Chemistry at the Service of Sport

If we manage today to offer such clothes to fans of the sport, whether professional or simply amateur, it is thanks to chemistry.

It is therefore with regard to the use of a sportswear that will be sought its specificities. The race for performance is one of the main concepts in the design of this type of equipment, as well as the safety of the sportsman and his comfort.

A good sportsman in his clothes is able to produce more effort and he feels less fatigue. Similarly, it must be protected in case of fall or shock, but also in case of fire.

The technical materials make it possible to optimize the endurance and the new generation sportswears are true “second skins”.

Technical Subjects to Favor for Sport

With elastane, a garment imparts greater compression to the body. This results in an activation of blood flow, which has the effect of increasing muscle performance.

With this type of intelligent sportswear, the sportsman recovers more easily after a major effort. Elastane is also a so-called breathable material. It is a real ally during an intensive sports session.

How to Choose the Right Fitness Outfit?

You have decided to take fitness classes?

Body pump, body attack, thighs-abs-buttocks, zumba, step, LIA, cardio boxing… The sports activities in fitness are extremely numerous. But they all have a common goal: to combine endurance, choreography and muscle building.

Getting into the sport is good, but choosing the right clothes is just as important.

Which Subjects to Choose?

Clothing made of 100% cotton may seem like the ideal option. But if they are comfortable, they do not let the skin breathe and make the effect of a sponge. In other words, the perspiration does not drain and this can lead to irritation.

Fitness requires intense effort, so we choose outfits in lightweight and breathable. Natural fibers like viscose and bamboo, microfibers or even antibacterial materials. Today there is a wide variety of different textiles that allow the skin to breathe.

Which Underwear to Choose?

We do not necessarily think about it, however, it is very important to wear underwear adapted to the physical effort. Thus, we say no to lace panties – which will rub against the skin with perspiration and cause irritation – and more importantly, we banish the string. Indeed, when you move and sweat, it transports rectal bacteria to the vagina, thus causing infections and irritation. It is therefore best to exclude such items from the sporting routines.

So what you should wear?

The ideal situation is to bet on lingerie made of microfiber. Thus, it removes perspiration, the skin remains dry, and therefore, it avoids irritation. You can opt for seamless underwear or with flat seams. And if you do not want to invest in special underwear, we favor cotton panties.

Regarding the top, we obviously abandon our everyday bra for a sports bra. It must be sheathing, elastic and let the skin breathe. Mostly we choose a bra that supports. If yoga practitioners can turn to a simple model, women who practice fitness must rely on a more technical bra to reduce the movement of the chest and reduce ligament tension. So, we avoid buying her bra on the net and we always try it in stores. Note also that weather big or small, breasts needs support.

What Shoes You Should Wear To Do Fitness?

Each type of sport has its own pair of shoes. For fitness, we put on light and flexible sneakers with good cushioned front and back to protect the back and joints. The chosen sneakers must also support the arch to prevent cramps, and be airy (ideally mesh material) to remove perspiration. While deciding the shoe size, be careful that the toes do not abut at the end under pain of suffering and trauma to the nails. As for the bra, better buy your sneakers from the shop and seek advice from a seller.

In The End

When all the elements mentioned above have been taken into account, one can embark on the choice of clothes.

What’s the good news?

With the explosion of fitness classes, the outfits offered today are practical, comfortable and stylish. Printed leggings, tops cut in the back, ultra worked bras etc. the choice is such that we do not know where to turn, but it is still very good news for fitness seekers.

In all cases, we prefer the leggings or shorts and wide pants. For the top, everything depends on our silhouette. If you want to cover your stomach and hips, you can bet on a wide and long tank top on leggings. This will refine the body. Otherwise, you can also wear a bra or a short top.

Finally, we should not forget that the most important thing is comfort! So we should choose airy and light clothes importantly in which you feel relaxed and good.

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