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Stop Fat-Shaming!

Many people believe that humiliating or making overweight people feel guilty, has the effect of motivating them to take charge of losing weight.

Unfortunately, this is totally wrong. Studies on the subject indicate that instead of motivating people to eat healthy and exercise, Fat-Shaming has the opposite effect. Humiliation increases the feeling of shame and guilt. In response, these people tend to eat more and gain more weight.

Because it is time for everyone to become aware of the dangers involved in this phenomenon, I decided today to tell you everything about the subject: Fat-Shaming what is it and what are its effects? Hold on, let’s go!

  • What is Fat-Shaming?

It’s the act of criticizing, or even harassing, an overweight person about his extra pounds or eating habits. Why do people do this? Well, many think that with this attitude, they push their victims to react to lose weight. And do you imagine that this is not an isolated phenomenon, but rather a true societal trend, with the emergence of many virtual communities dedicated to this!

Unfortunately, it turns out, on the contrary, that mockery and harassment of overweight people causes major psychological and physical harm and tends, on the contrary, to aggravate the problem.

  • What are the effects ?

Development of eating disorders

Fat-Shaming does not lead its victims to adopt a healthier lifestyle. On the contrary, many studies have noted that the pressure and stress experienced by them, leads them to develop eating disorders (fasting, skipping meals, provoked vomiting, abuse of laxatives, diuretics, enemas, use of medicines or natural products to lose weight …).

Needless to say, this type of behavior presents serious health risks. Indeed, in women, the rules can stop or become irregular. The health of the skin, hair, nails and teeth can deteriorate. The bones can be weakened, food deficiencies can arise as well as infections, abdominal pain, heart problems and a constant feeling of tiredness can set in.

But eating disorders are not the only risk for fat-shaming victims. Instead of losing weight, they tend to take more weight.

Weight gain

Fat-Shaming, promotes weight gain. Indeed, the feelings of shame and humiliation caused by these attacks, lead the victims to eat more and to be less active. As a result, there is an increased risk of obesity. This result has been observed and confirmed by several studies on the subject. The latter also reveal that this phenomenon increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease among the victims.

Depression, low self-esteem and suicide

Fat-shaming causes a decrease in self-esteem. Targeted people tend to internalize these attacks. That is, their negative perception of their bodies as a result of harassment affects their perception of themselves. There is therefore a decline in self-esteem that can lead to depression and in some extreme cases to suicide.

  • What conclusion?

Instead of helping to reinforce this negative and ineffective approach, let’s try to encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, incorporating healthy eating and physical activity on a daily basis. Keep in mind that there is not necessarily a “typical” physique to be in good shape. In other words, being thin does not mean being healthy. It is therefore totally counterproductive to harass a person for his physical appearance, since this has the opposite effect.

Thus, a positive and caring approach is the best strategy to encourage others to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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